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What Are The Interesting Facts About Glasses And How To Prevent Glasses From De-Fogging?

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The great thing about facts and realities is that they are always present about certain things; they only need to be searched out. It can be very different in different cases; it can be a rocket science, or it can be as simple as glasses.

Over the years, humanity has developed some ingenious ways to compensate for our inability to do something right, in this case, see well, so it's very interesting to know a little about what made you wear these comfortable glasses right now.

Here are some very interesting and amazing glasses facts you (probably) didn't know before!

Amazing facts about glasses

The first device that was invented for vision correction was in 1000 AD., and it was called a reading stone. But the history of sunglasses is different. The first sunglasses were invented back in china in about the 12th century. It was noted that the smoky quartz flat lenses were used to reduce the amount of glare that is entering the eyes.

It is also written in various books that the judge used the first eyeglasses during the decision time to make a decision and not reveal the emotions. This is considered to be the first record of the sunglasses when they were used as lenses. While the use of different kinds of materials to see well during the daylight goes back even further in history.

It may be very odd to listen, but it is wrong to say glasses now because the name glasses were due to the material used in the glasses; nowadays, there are different kinds of material used. There is a wide range of glasses today that are made of plastic. Another misconception about glasses is that when we wear other sunglasses, it can damage our eyes. It can only damage our eyes if we wear them too long, like for weeks. But, for the small children, the scenario is different; they can develop a risk of amblyopia, more commonly known as "lazy eye."

According to various studies, about more or less than 30 percent of the world population need eyeglasses sin form or other. So, we can also say that a high number of individuals cannot operate properly without the vision correction devices.

Although, as we mentioned earlier, the first prescription lenses were similar to contact lenses, they were not worn until much later. The first modern contact lenses were made in about 1950 and did not become widely known until the 70s.


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Foggy glasses

The glasses become foggy due to the heat the w emit from our mouth and body. According to experts, the airflow can become a major factor for foggy glasses. When you are wearing a face mask, your mouth constantly emits the warmer air outside. This can lead to steam up your glasses. Foggy glasses can make it difficult to see things around. Here are some tips to avoid foggy glasses.


1. Wash the lenses with soapy water

Before wearing your face mask:

  1. Take a second, and wash your prescription glasses or sunglasses with the help of soapy water.
  2. After washing the glasses, soak of or just remove the excess moisture with the help of a smooth, clean cloth and avoid scratches.
  3. Try to use a microfiber cloth for best results.

It reduces the fog in glasses because when you wash your glasses, it let your glasses form a transparent layer on glasses. Do not clean the glasses with shampoo or shaving cream. 


2. Seal the mask

There is a simple trick that can help you a lot; the trick is that, if you seal the mask, there will be no airflow, and it will reduce the amount of fog on your glasses. Expert s say that if you stick a simple double-sided tape or anything between the glasses and the bridge of your nose, it will end the airflow and warmth and dramatically remove the fog and help you see better.


3. Make sure the mask fits well

If the mask is loose, it will let the airflow, and the rest will let the fog settle. Do not wear a loose-fitting mask. There are various masks available in the market that can fit exactly to your face and suit you well. If you have a good face mask, it will have a way to let in air and let it out; if you have made your mask make a seal around it, insert any moldable thing inside your mask.


4. Adjust your glasses

Adjust your glasses on your face well. Place your glasses on your face where they are fit; do not force the glasses. If you are wearing prescription glasses, it can cause problems in your vision. The position of the glasses is very important. 


5. De fogging products

There are different kinds of de-fogging products available in the market. De fogging products make a layer on your glasses, and do not let the fog to settle on the glasses. 


6. Breathe downward

Well, it may be very odd to listen, but it helps a lot to clean up the foggy around. By this method, you can send the air away from your glasses. The question is how to breathe downward "Hold your upper lip over your lower lip". Then blow air downward, as if you're playing the flute.



If we conclude the discussion, glasses have a long history. There were many revolutions in the glasses industry. There are hundreds of types of glasses available in the market now. Wear glasses according to your choice and need. You can buy a pair of glasses for yourself at SmartBuyGlasses. 



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