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Is The Reverse Image Search Tool Helpful For iPhone Users?

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There might be all varieties of motives why you could need to use reverse image search on your iPhone. For example, perhaps you need to get distinct data about a photograph, together with the source and the related history, or you are trying to confirm the authenticity of an image you came across online. Whatever be your purpose, there are a couple of approaches to perform a reverse image seek on an iOS device.

Thanks to Google photos, doing a reverse image search on iOS rarely takes a couple of steps. Appreciably, it works now not handiest in Google Chrome however also in Safari. If you need a chunk of extra flexibility or, as a substitute, opt to use an app designed for this undertaking, there are quite a few reverse photograph search apps available on iPhone and iPad. With that said, permit's get started with the steps!

Can iPhone users use reverse image search on Chrome?

Appearing a reverse image search on iOS using Google Chrome is a little simpler because the browser doesn’t force you to interchange to the desktop model.

In your iPhone, open the Chrome web browser.

1. Open Google Chrome

2. Then, open the website on Chrome and open any image that you want to reverse search.

3. next, touch and keep a photo. A popup menu will then appear to permit you to, without delay, reverse search the picture online. If you need a better resolution version of the photograph, tap on 'more sizes' to see relevant results.


Can iPhone users use reverse image search on Safari?

Doing a reverse photo search on Safari first requires you to request the computing device website to get admission to the Google photos opposite search device. However, as iOS 14 has made the assignment of switching between computer version and mobile version truthful, you'll now not need to choose a workaround.

1. open Safari for your iOS device and visit

2. Now, tap on the ‘aA’ button positioned at the top-left nook of the address bar.

3. next, pick out 'Request desktop website' from the popup menu that looks.

4. Then, on your desktop, open google image and search for the search bar on the page. Click on the ‘digital camera’ icon found on the search bar.

5. Then, tap on 'select document' and select the photo from your photo library.

6. For this newsletter, I'm going to reverse image search the Taj Mahal from my photo library. Navigate to your digital camera Roll/ Albums to choose the photo you wish to upload. You may also pick to click a picture or video to reverse the picture search in your iPhone properly.

7. Then, upload the photograph, Google will robotically start the reverse image search and display the data associated with the picture.


Other reverse image search engines available on the web

Google is not the only tool available for picture search. However, the internet also has many different free tools available to search for a picture on the internet. These tools are also very easy to use, like google.


So let’s have some brief discussion on these tools.



Yahoo picture Search comes on the second number in the list of best picture search engines after Google. When you typewrite your keyword into the search bar, you'll be shown a diversity of pictures. You'll require to modify your package, see the top right corner, to incorporate 'free to distribute and use commercially,' or you can choose 'free to change, distribute and use commercially' if you want to alter the pictures. You can find any kind of picture on a yahoo search engine, and for sure, it will match your demand.



Bing picture Search is comparable to Google pictures and Yahoo pictures, so it's also a great picture search tool you can use to search pictures. Type your keyword or paste the picture or which picture you need on the Bing picture search bar. You will get a notification on the right-hand side there will be a Filter key. When you right-click it, you'll see a dropdown dialogue box.



The Pinterest visual search engine is very easy to use. Varying from many other engines, you can zoom in to a part of a picture and search this to obtain comparable pictures from this. The fact that you don't require to explore the entire picture gives this a very appealing function. To use it, you need to make an account on Pinterest and start pinning ideas.







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