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Must Have Lawn Mower Accessories

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If you have a lawnmower or are thinking of buying one, you might also want to consider attachments. There are covers, sunshades, hoods and other ornamental and protective gear for your mower. Some are frivolous; others actually good for increasing the longevity of the machine. There are also other kinds of attachments.

Lawn Mower Accessories

Things to Consider In Buying the Best Lawn Mower for Hills

The intent of most attachments is to help you improve your lawn and garden. The attachments are to make your lawn mower both more efficient and useful. They vary in accordance with the size of your lawnmower. Riding mower, garden tractor or lawn tractor, for example, may have more possibilities than an ordinary walk-behind rotary mower. A rotary mower can have more attachments than a push reel mower. The most common type of attachment, in most cases, is a bag kit. Bags are what you attach to your machine to capture the clippings. They come in two basic types: side or rear.


You attach the side, bagging feature to the side of your machine. This is only applicable if you have a side discharge lawn mower. In other words, the grass clippings shoot out from the side of your machine. A side bagging kit attaches to the side and traps the grass clipping within the bag for later disposal.


Other lawn mowers are rear discharge machines. They eliminate the grass by spitting it out of the rear of the lawn mower. A rear bagging kit fits over the rear discharge and captures the grass. You can purchase either a side or rear bagging kit from a reputable dealer, hardware store or the company that manufactures your machine. Be sure you obtain the right size. Bagging kits are also available for push reel mowers.


Bags are handy accessories, but they do include more work. You have to remove them regularly. Some bags hold more than others do. Overall, bagging and replacing the bags can result in increasing your time mowing the lawn. There is also a question about lawn size. If your lawn is very large, it might be more practical to use a lawn mulcher or a riding lawn mulcher.

Lawn Mower Accessories

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Lawn Mower Accessories

For people who want to do the environmentally responsible thing but do not want grass clippings visible on the surface of their lawn, a mulcher is an answer. Your rotary mower can become a mulching mower with the addition of a mulching blade. A mulch blade or kit will convert your standard lawnmower into a mulching mower. The blade and its mechanism will chop the grass then cut it again into finer segments, hiding them so completely in the lawn you will not be able to detect their presence. If you decide to go this way, rather than the bagging route, remember to stick to the one-third rule. In other words, cut only one-third of the blade of grass.


The problem with converting your Lawn Mower Accessories into a mulcher is the expense. Some mulcher conversion kits are expensive and require more maintenance. While mulching is more beneficial to your lawn than bagging, it can also be a problem. If you are mulching large amounts of tall grass, you might end up shooting clumps of grass onto your lawn instead of small bits of grass blades. Be sure to consider the conditions when you mow and how you mow. This will reduce the chance of this happening. Overall, mulching or simple discharge is better for the health of your lawn over the long term.


Besides bagging or mulching, you can add other accessories to your lawnmower, increasing its capabilities and utility. If you accessorise to the maximum, your lawn mower will not only cut your lawn but it will also double as a leaf blower, a snow remover and a tower. If the mower is large enough e.g. a commercial zero turn riding mower or lawn tractor, it can haul rakes, grass finishers, ploughs and dump carts.


Many companies offer such attachments as snow blowers or snow throwers. They come in a wide range of sizes. They are also, usually, product specific. You will have to check with your manufacturer to determine whether your machine is capable of handling such an attachment. If your lawnmower is adaptable, you will be able to use it, in winter, to clear your driveway or small areas of necessary snow. A riding mower may be fitted, instead, with a small snow plough. Either way, your mower is now a tool for two seasons.


In some instances, Lawn Mower Accessories can turn it into a tool for all seasons. You can buy a leaf blower or leaf plough. These make your Lawn Mower Accessories helpful during the fall. For spring, you can add a plough or tiller. This will turn your mower into a multi-purpose lawn and garden machine.


Be careful when you decide to Lawn Mower Accessories. Be aware that there are safety issues concerning adding extra weight to the machine. Be sure you take all the precautions necessary to ensure your lawn and you are safe to work another season.



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