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Luxury Edition: 6 Luxury Upgrades to Make Your Home Extravagant & Envy your Friends

How can I make my Luxury Home Improvement?

 Are you going through a home renovation and are looking to upgrade your living style and add some luxury and style to your home? If you need some inspiration, then this article is for you, here we have prepared a small guide to add luxury in the most important parts of your house. Following these tips will help you get on the right track and get you the luxury home of your dreams.

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    Implement an Open Floor Plan

Luxury Home Improvement

luxury kitchen

One of the most important and defining features of a luxury home is an open floor plan. In fact, according to a majority of leading interior designers and design specialists, an open floor plan is the number one requirement for a luxury home.

An open floor plan means that there should not be any sort of clutter in your house, and there must be a lot of space to move around. If you don’t have a really big house to implement an open floor plan, then a great way to get the luxury effect is getting proper storage spaces. The lighting and windows can also help give the open floor effect.

    Upgrade Your Kitchen

home improvementLuxury Home Improvement

home improvement

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house and to get the luxury effect; it also needs to be upgraded. A luxury kitchen means adding style and convenience to it. You should start by expanding your kitchen and add a center island for extra working space and storage.

You should also expand your kitchen outside on the patio where you can make your own BBQ corner with the right appliances. Of course, your luxury kitchen can never be complete without all the proper appliances and kitchen essentials. You should get high-quality restaurant grade appliances for the kitchen to make the cooking process easier.

Another important part of a luxury kitchen is a walk-in pantry. This gives you a lot of storage space and adds a lot of style and convenience to the space. One more prominent element of a luxury and lavish kitchen is a wine cellar. The wine cellar should not only be a place to store and age wine, but it should also be properly lighted to add a luxury touch to your kitchen.

    Upgrade Your Bathroom

Luxury Home Improvement

interior designers

If you want your home to be lavish and luxury, then you will definitely need to invest in a luxury bathroom. The bathroom, like the rest of the home, must have an open floor plan. You must also upgrade the shower and the bathtub. Opt for a glass-enclosed full body shower with multiple water jets, and instead of an ordinary bathtub, you should have a hot tub.

These are some of the essentials of a luxury bathroom, but if you want to take your bathroom to even a higher level of luxury, then you should also add a sauna for maximum comfort and luxury. While making all the big upgrades, don’t forget the smaller ones like adding decorative soaps, scented candles and luxury hand towels to the décor.

    Build a Swimming Pool in the Backyard

Luxury Home Improvement

swimming pool

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A great way to add a lot more luxury to your home and make it a lot more fun is to add an amazing full-size swimming pool in the backyard. A swimming pool is one of the most important things that you need to add to your home to get it to the luxury home status.

According to many interior designers and home design experts, you can’t call your home a luxury home unless you have a swimming pool. The swimming pool will make your summers a lot more fun, and you will be able to throw some amazing pool parties.

Also, you should add an outdoor hot tub with the swimming pool and add a water heating system to the pool for when you want to take a swim in the winters. Adding a swimming pool will add a lot of value to your home and believe me, you won’t ever regret such an amazing decision.

    Install Home Automation Technology

Luxury Home Improvement

home automation

No one can deny that home automation technology is the future of luxury housing. If you want your home to be up to the standards of a luxury home in the near future, then you definitely have to install a home automation system in your house.

By automating your home and configuring it with an AI like Alexa or Google assistant, you can use voice commands to control your house. You can turn the lights on or off, change the temperature settings on the thermostat, control the curtains, control the alarm system, and do many other things in your home using your phone or voice commands.

If you have the most advanced home automation system installed, you can also get doors to open automatically. This can make average day to day tasks very easy and exciting for you, and it will add a lot to the value of your home.

     Make a Home Gym

Luxury Home Improvement

Home gym

If you want to complete the luxury look of your home, then adding a home gym to it is very important. Rich people don’t go to public gyms and sweat in front of people; instead, they work out at home in their state of the art home gyms with amazing personal trainers. You should at least get some basic gym equipment like a treadmill, a bench press, some weights and some mats for exercises and activities like yoga or meditation.

To make your home gym look more amazing and luxurious, add a full-size mirror to one of the walls. It will make the gym look much bigger and more open. Also, you need to have an amazing lighting plan in the gym. Good lighting is an essential part of making any home luxurious, and it should not only be limited to the gym. A great choice for warm and luxury lighting are black track lights.

Try to get a nice balance between natural and artificial light in the gym for the best effect. The whole house should be well lit, and there should be a lot of natural light in the house during the day to make it feel more open and free. Happy Decorating!

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