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How To Make Your Real Estate Hurricane Resistant – Grand Cayman

hurricane resistant home

hurricane resistant home

2020 is predicted to be a very active year for hurricanes.

This means that it is vital for home owners to make their properties hurricane resistant.

In this article, we will be discussing the top three things that you can do to make your home hurricane resistant.

1. Install hurricane shutters

One of the most common ways that properties get damaged during hurricanes is from flying objects smashing windows.

The best way to mitigate this risk is to install hurricane shutters on all of the windows on your home. Many newer homes have hurricane proof glass for their windows, but if you don't have this, then installing shutters is your next best option.

A less expensive alternative to conventional shutters is to nail sheets of wood across your windows. This method is slightly less effective compared to conventional metal shutters and hurricane proof glass, but it's definitely better than no protection.

Most modern homes have hurricane proof windows installed, but older properties, such as 20 years or older, typically don't have hurricane proof windows.

Advances in technology over the last couple of decades have made these windows more affordable, allowing most home owners to install them; they are definitely a wise investment as windows are the most fragile part of any property.

Certain locations are more at risk from hurricanes; for example, if you own Grand Cayman real estate, then you have a high chance of encountering a strong hurricane.

If you own a home in a less prone location, then you have less risk of hurricanes damaging your real estate.


2. Use sandbags to prevent water entering your home

Hurricanes can cause storm surges (flooding).

It is vital that you use sandbags to prevent water from leaking through the bottom of your doors.

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Grand Cayman is an island in the Caribbean that widely uses sandbags during hurricanes. Most of the island is low lying, meaning that most properties are susceptible to flooding.

As time goes by, doors become less water-tight. This is an issues that is hard to prevent, meaning that the best way to prevent it is by using sandbags.

You can purchase sandbags online in bulk, then fill them up with sand from a local beach.

It is recommended that you stack at least 6 layers of sandbags per door, otherwise the chance of flooding in your house is substantially higher. The more bags that you use, the heavier the compression is, this increases the water tightness at the bottom of the door.

There are other water proofing devices that you can buy online to prevent flooding, but sand bags are the most effective and economical option.


3. Ensure that your garden is landscaped

This is typically the most under-looked thing to do.

Hurricanes can have wind speeds of over 100mph; heavy objects can fly at very fast speeds during this.

If you have a garden around your real estate that has a lot of trees, branches, coconuts & other items, then all of these items can become potential projectiles during a hurricane.

These items can smash into your property at high speed, causing serious damage, especially to doors and windows. It is recommended to cut down branches, coconuts and trees before a hurricane hits.

You can also remove gardening equipment and store it inside.


What should you take away from this article?

Overall, the best way to prevent damage to your home during a hurricane is to build your home according to modern hurricane proofing standards. However, every household should still use shutters, sandbags and have clear gardens to ensure an optimal outcome.



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