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7 Reasons To Invest In Microsoft 70-742 Exam And How Practice Tests Can Assist You

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Microsoft 70-742 Exam


Generally speaking, an employee’s ability to bring value to their organization’s business depends on a number of things. This includes their skills’ level, how hard-working they are, and the ability to ensure efficiency in their work. This is exactly true for those wishing to become computer network specialists or systems administrators. Productivity from such professionals is determined by the kind of high capacities they have.

That’s why passing the Microsoft 70-742 exam is the last step to make if you want to produce changes in Windows Server 2016. It means also that you need to know what this test involves and why you should invest in it.

So, read this post further to get into the important details.


What Microsoft 70-742 Exam All About?

The Microsoft test 70-742 represents the final stage for candidates to earn their MCSA: Windows Server 2016 credential. It means that initially, they will have to pass exams 70-740 and 70-741. However, having already conquered the two tests, you’ve come a long way. Now, you need to focus on the exam that will take you further ahead by eventually earning the credential download now.

So, 70-742 exam targets candidates’ understanding of carrying out tasks like management of identities while utilizing the Windows Server 2016 functionalities. This would be determined by how you learn and understand the following topics for this Microsoft test:

  • Installation of Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)
  • AD DS Configuration
  • Group Policy Creation as Well as Management
  • AD Certificate Services Implementation
  • Implementing Solutions for Identity Access
  • Implementing Access Solutions

Further details of 70-742 are 40-60 questions needed to be answered in a total of 2 hours. These issues may vary in format. It impliescoming across questions of the multiple-choice, active screen, mark review, fill-in-the-blank, and best answer format. Other types that may also be included are short answer, case studies, drag-and-drop, and review screen.

To put a point on it, this exam requires that candidates get at least 700 items to be given this associate-level Windows Server 2016 certification, with the maximum score of 1000 and the price of the test of $165.


7 Reasons to Invest in Exam 70-742 as a computer system specialist preparing to scale higher in the career, try passing exam 70-742 and see that it turns out a game changer for you. This is a test considered as the best way to assert your presence in the organization. So, why is this Microsoft assessment worth investing in? Let’s find out below.


1. Exam Ensures You Finally Get Hold of Your MCSA

As the final test for the MCSA: Windows Server 2016, passing it would imply you are efficiently qualified to get certified. That is why you shouldn’t stop at attempting just the two initial tests; rather, it’s worth going further to pass this last Microsoft 70-742 Exam giving you the ability to make the next crucial action in the career journey.


2. Microsoft Certification Is Prestigious

Every employer out there or a professional possessing an MCSA in any sphere will tell you how much they appreciate this Certified Solutions Associate credential.

It’s true that Microsoft certifications take time and effort to acquire. The kind of attention the corporation’s qualifying documents are given is due to their importance in the success of every business establishment tightly linked with the computer information provision. So, your qualifications would be regarded with great respect and recognition, which is to become a great plus to your IT career as a whole.


3. Passing Exam Demonstrates Your Dedication

Well, the Microsoft 70-742 exam is a tough test. Passing it is enough proof that you are a dedicated person. It also implies that you are hard-working and commitment to the work, thus you’ll get an advantage as every employer would regard you being able to go the extra mile and deliver the outcomes required, and even more!


4. Exam Validates YourSkills in Windows Server 2016

The intention of every assessment is to check comprehension of the issues learned, and a way to know whether candidates have mastered the needed concepts and how they will apply them in their working place. By attaining the pass mark in the exam, you clearly show what you’ve learnt and practiced a lot and will deliver great results in Windows 2016 Server features.


5. Job Opportunities Enhancement

Every candidate who pursues a certification has a goal to eventually get a higher-level job or upgrade their skills or, perhaps, change theprofessional sphere. Getting a job with such a qualifying document under your belt which comes with acing Microsoft 70-742 Exam is much easier and productive. Hence, you won’t struggle in your quest to find a job that befits the acquired skills and qualifications shown on your resume. After passingMicrosoft 70-742 Exam  you can apply for such job positions as a computer network specialist or a computer systems administrator.


6. Possibility of Earning Better Salaries

Employers reward professionals who have passed the Microsoft 70-742 test with multiple perks and allowances as such specialists are known to bring value to the company they work for. With Microsoft MCSA Windows Server 2016 badge, its holders will qualify to earn a salary of $74,000 on average annually, as per PayScale. This clearly shows why 70-742 exam is worth investing in!


7. Exam Is One Step from MCSE

The Microsoft test is the last stair to take before you get the coveted credential. Once you act this efficient way, you become empowered to advance your skills by getting certified in MCSE: Core Infrastructure that is a chance to pursue the next stage in your career.


Preparing for Exam 70-742 with Practice Tests

Any exam is worth something only if it helps you to boost your resume. That’s why it’s important to study thoroughly with the vendor, and practice as much as you can afterwards with practice tests.

So, questions in practice tests will grant you the ability to understand which tricks work when answering exam questions. Basically, these files are designed in a way that mimics the actual test. That way, you can know what other areas need to be revised as you’ll be able to know the topics you’re yet to be mastered.

This is possible when you use the Exam-Labs website for your exam revision needs. Here, try on this 70-742 Premium Bundle from Exam-Labs with highly-qualitative practice tests included, together with a study guide, and a training course on the exam. Optionally, try on free exam dumps uploaded by previous users and raise your knowledge bar!

The website also gives you access to video courses, a study guide.

Note, that the dumps available here can be opened with the VCE Exam Simulator. Well, this hands-on source is always in your hand to ensure you exhaustively go through all the topics and fully understand the test requirements.


Bottom Line

Well, putting the money and time in the Microsoft 70-742 exam is a good thing for any specialist taking their career seriously. By doing this, you won’t have to struggle to perform long as a computer systems expert, by just showing the powerful MCSA: Windows Server 2016 credential instead.

The badge also implies your career rises immensely with this step since it’s going to involve growth and enjoyment of many other benefits, also through practice tests by Exam-Labs!



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