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5 Most Common Heat Pump Problems You May Face

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Heat pump system

Heat pump system

Heat pumps have become a viable option when compared against the typical heating appliances as they can heat or cool, according to the clients’ needs effectively. And, the cherry on the top, they have less energy usage as compared to other heating or cooling appliances.

But, there is a downside to everything. Regardless of how effective heat pumps are, they have their fair share of problems. After all, it’s just a machine. Most people face numerous issues once they have bought the heat pump.

If you are one of those people, you are in the right place! Below, we will talk about some of the most prevalent heat pump problems you might face with your heat pump right now. So, let’s get going!

1. Pump not cooling:

Nothing is as infuriating as a heat pump not functioning correctly amid a heatwave. Here are some possible reasons behind a heat pump failing to cool the lot:


●  Messy Air Filters:

In conclusion, a heat pump struggles to draw adequate air, hindering its ability to cool efficiently. If the air filters get too dirty, the airflow of your heat pump gets disrupted. To avoid such a scenario, ensure regularly cleaning the air filters or replacing them.


●  Blocked Outdoor units:

Most of the time, the outdoor unit gets covered in debris, or a branch or foliage blocks it. Since the system cannot throw out the hot air outside, it’s evident that the cooling ability falls considerably.

Ensure that your outdoor units are cleaned and unblocked. Also, routinely clean the outdoor units to avoid any inconvenience.


Messy Coils:

If its coils are dirty, your heat pump will fail to transfer the heat between the refrigerant and the air. Ensure that there is no dirt or any frost on your coils. After ensuring that the ice on your coils has melted, work on cleaning the heat pump coils.

And if you are to come across an ice buildup on your coils while cleaning them, give it time to melt. It’s always a good idea to never physically remove the ice as it may result in damaged delicate coil fins.


2. Heat Pump has stopped switching between cooling or heating:

If your heat pump is giving you a hard time switching from heat to cool, or vice versa, it can mean only one thing:


●  A faulty reverse valve:

The reversing valve is a mechanism that switches the heat pump from heat mode to cool and the other way around. If your heat pump has stopped switching from one method to another, it means that your reserve vale needs an inspection. Call an HVAC professional to have the issue sorted.


3. The heat pump is short cycling:

When your heat pump starts to turn off right after you turn it on, it means that your heat pump is short cycling. Some prevalent reasons behind short cycling are:


An improperly sized unit:

Before you decide to go and buy a heat pump, ensure that you are aware of everything there is to know before buying a heat pump. One of those things includes considering the size of the heat pump. When a pump starts short cycling, there is a possibility that the heat pump is too big for the lot you have placed it on.

Since the appliance is too big for your house, it might quickly cool or heat your home. And once the machine hits the desired temperature, it will stop working. Unfortunately, if this happens, there is no other solution than to get a new heat pump that resonates with the size of the lot.


An Overheating System:

Dirty air filters can mean a restricted airflow, which results in an overheating heat pump. To prevent itself from any further damage, a heat pump might automatically power off. Cleaning the air filters may rid you of this problem.


Refrigerant Leaks:

A refrigerant leak means that a heat pump might not be getting adequate refrigerant to complete the entire cycle. If this is the reason behind an early shutdown, your best hope is to contact a professional and take their help to solve it immediately.


Incorrect Calibration of Thermostat:

An incorrectly calibrated thermostat feeds the heat pump incorrect values, resulting in habitual powering on and off of the device to reach the provided temperature.

Take a look at your thermostat to ensure it reads the temperature right. If you find it to be incorrectly calibrated, it’s best to recalibrate it or replace the thermostat.

However, if incorrect calibration is not the problem, you must have placed the thermostat wrong. For example, if you put the thermostat where it gets direct exposure to sunlight, it will detect a higher temperature, which might mean that your heat pump might work more than required or less than.


4. Leaking liquid out of the unit:

If a liquid starts to leak from your heat pump, the mold will start growing around the walls where the liquid falls. A leaking heat pump indicates a severe issue with your pump as it can cause an electrical dilemma on your lot!

Here are some reasons why your heat pump might be leaking:


●  Refrigerant Leak:

A refrigerant leak can cause the ice to develop on the evaporating coils, resulting in the handicapped efficiency of a heat pump. And once you turn off your heat pump, the ice melts, which results in a leaking liquid from the heat pump.


A Clogged Drain Line:

Whenever you set your heat pump to cool, it sucks in the humid air from a lot like a condo and cools the surrounding. While this process works like a charm in cooling the condo, it may result in the condo heat pump not cooling efficiently as condensation happens.

This process means that there might be a considerable leak in the condensate pan, which results in the water leaking out of the heat pump. Or sometimes, the liquid leaks because the drain line gets clogged, which results in the overflow of water. If you believe that you have a clogged drain line, you can use DIY techniques to unclog it or ask a professional to do it for you.


5. Your Heat pump starts emitting weird smells:

If you start getting a weird smell around your heat pump problem, there is a possibility that something is wrong with it and needs fixing right away. Some of the reasons a heat pump might smell include:


Mold Growth:

If there is a musty smell revolving around your heat pump, mold has grown within the walls, or your eat pump. Mould located anywhere in your house is a worrying condition, and one should always get rid of it as soon as possible. Ensure you know the proper home maintenance tips to remedy the situation.


Animal Infiltration:

Some animals sneak, making the heat pump smell like something is rotting. If you smell something fishy, either try to look up and remove the dead animal yourself or have a professional do it for you.


Electrical Issues:

A burning smell around your heat pump indicates a severe electrical malfunction, such as bad wiring or a failing motor. If you smell that something is burning, never let it slide and contact the HVAC professional imminently.


Final Words

There is no doubt about the efficiency of the heat pump problems. However, they are only machines, and with or without maintenance, there might come a time when they might break, causing the users enough trouble.

But, dealing with a problem becomes considerably more manageable once you have identified it. And hopefully, after reading this article, you will be able to narrow down the trouble your heat pump is going through.

Once you get an idea of the possible problem, reach out to a repairer and tell them about your problem. Get a quote from them, but ensure that they are not overcharging you or are someone that can give you more trouble!







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