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Most Common Warning Signs That Your Main Sewer Line Needs Repair

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Your sewer line goes from your home to the main sewer pipe. It is the largest of your waste pipes and all water appliances in your home will feed into it. Depending on the size of your property and your yard, this can be a sizeable length of pipe. What may surprise you is that you are responsible for the pipe until it joins the main sewer line at the edge of your property!

In other words, you have to pay for the repair which means that the sooner you know about it the cheaper the repair is likely to be. As with most things, the longer it is left the more damaged and expensive it becomes.

This is why you should invest in a pipe inspection camera and regularly look through the inside of your pipes. It will help you to identify issues and resolve them before they cause a bigger problem. Alongside this you should be aware of the most common warning signs that your man sewer line needs repairing:


When sewage can’t leave your premises properly the odor can’t go anywhere. It has to find an alternate escape route. If your pipe is cracked then this means it will escape through the crack and you will notice it in a specific part of your garden.

But, if it is a clog causing the issue the gas will travel back up the pipe and into your home. Although the water trap below each appliance is designed to keep the gas out, when there is a lot of gas it will make it past the water barrier and you will smell it in your bathrooms.


Grass Growing

If the sewer line is broken in your yard then the sewage is escaping. This is a great fertilizer and you will find that the plants in the area of the leak are growing exceptionally well. If you notice the lawn is particularly green, the grass lush, or flowers are excelling in one area, you should suspect a damaged sewer pipe.



Another sign there is an issue is when you have indentations in your lawn around where the sewer pipe runs. Because the ground is always saturated it will start to sink, causing the indentations. You will need to take action quickly before your lawn is ruined.

In fact, if the damaged pipe is near your house the leaking fluids can weaken the soil under and around your foundations. This can cause the foundations to crack or even start sinking. That is a much more expensive and complicated problem.



This is rarer but it does happen. If you notice pools of sewage then your pipes are damaged and the waste is collecting in the lowest part of your yard. You will want to take prompt action as this can be extremely hazardous to your health.

Providing you are vigilant you should never face a serious sewage pipe issue. Being vigilant means you will check regularly and take the appropriate action before it starts leaking everywhere.