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Most Popular DeWalt Tools For DIYers And Professionals

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dewalt impact wrench

dewalt impact wrench

Every craftsman and hobbyist out there has a certain brand of tools that they like, much like a favorite sports team. While there are many notable brands out there like Makita and Black & Decker, DeWalt seems to be incredibly popular these days.

DeWalt is not just popular because it has been around for almost a century. It's loved because of the amazing quality, user-ease, long durability, and killer exterior. It's easy to say that DeWalt knows what it's doing when it comes to tools.

You can visit a local store like Mississauga Hardware to find cordless tools, hand tools, electric tools, or accessories, you can certainly find all of it in their DeWalt section. The brand has something for every job. These products can, and most certainly have, passed tough working conditions.

So, whether you're a professional or a DIYer, you can look into the DeWalt tools for your projects. Let's go over the most DeWalt tools that people purchase for woodworking tasks. But, keep in mind, DeWalt has a lot more to offer.

DeWalt Vacuum

Before you start working with wood, you might need to look into a really good vacuum cleaner.

If this isn't your first project, you might be well aware that doing anything to wood will most definitely result in plenty of dust and debris. Not to mention, you might have splinters everywhere on the floor.

If you keep working in an environment like that for too long, the dust can go inside your body as you breathe and cause health issues.

Therefore, you might look into getting the 9 or 10 gallon variant of the DeWalt dry and wet vacuum that is built for these purposes.


DeWalt Cordless Drill

Whether you're still new to the world of woodwork or a professional, not having a cordless drill in your arsenal seems quite silly these days.

While a regular drill can be useful, a cordless version can offer more flexibility and ease in your projects. Not to mention, you have a lot more range here. With regular drills, you might only be able to drill holes. But with the DeWalt 20V Max Compact cordless drill, you can drill holes and drive screws into wood very easily.


DeWalt Circular Saw

As a hobbyist, one of the first power tools you need to have in your toolbox is a circular saw.

If you have the right circular saw, you can easily make crosscuts, rip cuts, bevel cuts, or any other type of cuts really. While these tools are mostly used with larger wood pieces, many experts use them however they prefer.

Whether you're are looking for a power tool to go with your job or simply a DIY project, the DeWalt 20V Max circular saw might be the way to go. However, DeWalt also has a range of more powerful options as well.


DeWalt Table Saw

The issue with most table saws is that they are massive, and you don't think about moving it much after setting it down in one place. But DeWalt provides a much better and more comfortable solution: a portable table saw.

With a table saw, you have the freedom to make any type of cuts you want. It can be bevel cuts, miter cuts, dado its, rip cuts, or long rip cuts.

DeWalt has a great line of table saws, and all of them are wonderful, which is why you need to find out what model is best for you.


DeWalt Screwdriver Kit

While you can use a DeWalt cordless drill for your screwing needs, sometimes you need to tighten a screw in a place that is small, hard to reach, or just difficult. Other times, you might have many screws to put in, and carrying a drill might become tiring.

In these cases, you can use something like the DeWalt Cordless Two-Position screwdriver kit. It is incredibly fast and efficient.

With this model, you get a variable speed feature that allows you to adjust how fast you want your machine to screw. Also, you will get a reverse trigger to take out the screws. There is also a really useful adjustable grip that makes it easier to work.


DeWalt Framing Nailer

Swinging a hammer to do the work manually may only be done to impress someone standing nearby nowadays. But when you're working on a project, whether at home or at work, you don't really want to spend all the energy that goes into building something like a frame.

Therefore, you can use a framing nailer to sink the nails in about 10 times faster while spending little to no energy in the process. As soon as you pull the trigger, the nail will sink right into the wood without any trouble.

When you get the hang of the framing nailer, you can use the bump firing mode. In that mode, you can sink multiple nails in a second.

You can check out DeWalt's fantastic range of framing nailers to match your needs as well. But if you are using finish nails, then you can look into the finish nailer range.


DeWalt Benchtop Planer

Whenever you go to a lumber yard to buy some wood, you might find that most of the lumber there have rough surfaces. Even if you ask them to plane the surface for you, it's hard to get the feel you really want when someone else is doing the planing.

Also, you will end up with rough lumber when working with reclaimed wood from pillets or any job site.

Rather than going back and forth to the lumber yard and hoping you get the right type of smooth, you can look into benchtop planers and do the job yourself. This will allow you to get the lumber just right for your needs.

For a benchtop thickness planer, you can look into the DeWalt DW735X model. Most homeowners and DIYers also prefer to get this model. However, you can look into the heavy-duty wood planer range for other planing jobs. 



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