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Moving Guide: The Dos And Don’ts Of A DIY Move-Out

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Moving is like taxes. Unfortunately, you cannot avoid it. Besides, there might come a time in your life when you have to relocate for a new job/business opportunity or be close to your family who lives far away. However, moving houses is an involved process that requires planning and consumes a lot of time to execute effectively and efficiently. That said, most homeowners hire professionals to handle their move, which is a great way to remain stress-free. However, don’t forget that such moving services come at a hefty price, literally. Moreover, such an approach isn’t always the most reliable or best choice, depending on your moving requirements and needs.

That is why resourceful individuals like yourself often consider taking the DIY approach when moving to a new location. Sure, it will take a lot of effort and time to untangle the many threads involved in making your move seamlessly. But, with some clear thinking and moving dos and don’ts, you will pull it off with flying colors. So, let us discuss some of these dos and don’ts below. Ensure that you follow them to the ‘T’ if you want to experience success with your move. And hopefully, the entire moving process will turn out as hassle-free as possible.

The Dos of a DIY move;

DO de-clutter and clean

You will be amazed to see the amount of unused stuff that accumulates in your house over time. However, when you decide to move, it is the right time to clean, organize, and de-clutter your home. Doing so will allow you to make your DIY moving experience swift and effortless. That said, an easy way to remove clutter is by utilizing a self-storage unit. For instance, if your new house is in Oklahoma, consider googling storage Yukon OK to find affordable storage units near your new location.

After all, blatantly throwing away items is never the right approach, as they might hold sentimental value. So, keep them in a storage unit near your new home so you can access them whenever you want.


DO start early

Moving houses will take up more time than expected. However, if you start preparing four-six weeks before the moving day, it will make the entire process a whole lot easier. So, the foremost thing to do is create a moving budget and develop a plan that lays out every task you have to complete before the big day. Moreover, checklists will also come in handy to keep track of everything and ensure you have everything you need to make your move as smooth as possible.


DO pack an essentials bag

Moving day will have its unique challenges and obstacles. However, one thing is for sure. Moving day will be a long one. It will go on forever. That said, once you settle inside your new home and open up that bottle of wine to celebrate, it is doubtful that you will unpack your stuff in the first few days. So, it is imperative to pack an essentials bag that will get you through the early days of your move. It should contain toothbrushes, shampoo, handwash, soaps, snacks, bottled water, a shaving kit, and anything else that allows you to function.


DO label or color-code everything

Labeling and color-coding every item and belonging will pay dividends when you decide to unpack in your new abode. So, grab a sharpie or some colored tape and decide what color represents which particular room. For instance, if the color code for your kitchen is green, ensure that the moving box that contains your kitchen’s items is also marked with green tape. Doing so will allow you to speed up the packing and unpacking process.


The don’ts of a DIY move; 

DON’T assume that a DIY is inexpensive

Most homeowners think that taking a DIY approach will be a lot cheaper than hiring professional movers. But that’s not true. It will only cost you less if you make the right choices. For instance, it will only be affordable if you move within a 10-mile radius, have some friends to help you with the move, or don’t have many items that need moving. Moreover, extra costs such as fuel charges, road tolls or taxes, packing supplies, and other hidden fees will amount to a lot of money.


DON’T rent the wrong-sized moving truck

Unless your friend has agreed to rent you their van or truck, chances are you will have to approach a moving truck to transport your belonging. After all, if you only utilize your car to move your items, you will have to make several trips back and forth. That said, ensure that you hire the right-sized moving truck. However, if you can’t calculate the amount of space you require in the moving truck, ask an expert to assist you with it. Moreover, it would be wise to go for a moving truck containing more space than you need. Doing so will help avoid space issues on your moving day.


DON’T assume any box you find will be safe for packing

When performing a DIY move, mistakes can appear from virtually anywhere. So, you need to remain vigilant at every step of the moving process. While scoring free boxes is a great way to cut down costs on packing supplies, it doesn’t mean that you use whatever you can find. Sometimes, these free boxes will not be able to withstand the weight of your belongings and might tear apart when transporting them, damaging your items. So invest in good quality moving boxes to avoid such a thing from happening.


DON’T assume you have expert packing skills

Packing up an entire house requires skills, time, and effort. But, moreover, it is an involved process that, when done right, will prevent unwanted headaches. That said, you must follow some DIY packing essentials to ensure you do it the right way. After all, most of us aren’t expert packers, especially if it’s your first-ever move. However, there are many pieces online that will tell you how to pack your items yourself. Such a thing will ensure you’re doing it correctly.



Any homeowner who has been through a move knows that it takes a lot of dedication and effort, no matter your location. However, one way to decrease the stress of moving is to plan everything, whether your travels or packing schedule, or anything else related to the move. While that will help you a lot, don’t forget to consider the dos and don’ts mentioned above. In the end, they will make or break your relocation process.







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