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Top 6 Things To Do After Moving Into Your New Home

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Do These Thing After Moving Into Your New House

Moving Into Your New House


Now that you’ve closed on and Moving Into Your New House, you may be thinking you can put your feet up and just relax.  While you deserve a massive pat on the back for getting everything moved and set up, you’ll want to get a few more things done before you can relax and enjoy your new home like informing everyone your change of address.  The following are things you might want to get done shortly after moving in.

Update All the Locks By Moving Into Your New Home

Just for peace of mind, you should have a locksmith come in and change all the locks into your home.  Who knows how many copies of the keys the prior owner had made and how many people still have keys.  A locksmith isn’t expensive, and the fact that you know for sure nobody has keys can be very reassuring and well worth the price. 


Have Preventative Termite Service Performed

While you shouldn’t be Moving Into Your New House without having had it inspected and cleared of having termites.  Exterminators aren’t just for when you have a problem with bugs or rodents; they can help keep them out before the bugs get in.  Getting full service pest and termite control quote is free and risk-free.  You can make their job easier by making sure there isn’t any standing firewood within 20 feet of the home and filling any cracks in the foundation with an appropriate filler.(Moving Into Your New House)


Make Sure Rain Gutters are Working as Designed

Termites love moisture, and another great way to prevent them is to deprive them of water. Diverting rainwater away from the house, helps with protecting the foundation as well.  If water is flowing over the tops during heavy rain, then water will collect around the concrete foundation and will eventually destroy it.  You can get an idea on how well the system is working by walking around the house (Moving Into Your New House) and watching for impact marks on the ground directly under the gutters.  If there is an indentation in the ground, then rain is flowing directly on the ground and will eventually damage the foundation.  Either hire a gutter expert or learn how to do it yourself before you have a basement full of water.


Child-Proof Your New Home

If you have small children, then making sure the house is safe from wandering toddlers is the priority.  While this seems obvious, it could slip your mind as you juggle the one thousand other things you have to get done moving Into Your New House.  Your kids are going to love the new home, so making it as safe for them as possible should be something that you do immediately.


Have a Party!

Now all of these things are done; now is the time to have friends over for a huge celebration.  You’ve earned it, and there isn’t a better way to show off the new house(Moving Into Your New House) to your friends and family than having a house warming bash.

Once your party is over, and all the mess is cleaned up, you can put your feet up and take a nap.  You’ve earned it.



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