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7 Must Have Items For Your Pool This Summer

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swimming pool

swimming pool

Summer’s almost upon us, and if the temperatures are climbing in your area, you’re thinking “Pool!”

No matter how brief the fine weather, and whatever the size of your pool and yard, this is the time to begin planning for fun times with family and friends.

In the current pandemic situation, no doubt many of us are concerned about maintaining social distancing and hygiene protocols. But it’s possible to enjoy your summer time pool activities if you plan them well and are responsible about it.

Take Care While Getting Summer Ready

For most of us, the end of winter signals the prospect of the laborious process of getting your winterized pool ready for action in the warmer months.

Though it’s tempting to make a DIY job of it, the smarter thing to do is to hand the whole thing over to a professional. They have the right experience, knowledge, products and equipment to do an efficient, swift and clean job. They also understand safety and the protection they need to take.

Studies show that every year, thousands of people are rushed to ER’s of hospitals around the country after suffering injuries and burns from pool-cleaning chemicals. It is crucial to wear safety gear, gloves and masks while handling these strong and harsh products.

Winterized pools could take up to a week to get fully ready for use. So don’t rush things.


7 Must Have Items For Summer Fun In Your Pool

Meanwhile, there’s something you can do in the interim. In the whole process of pool cleaning, optimizing water chemistry and the chores of routine pool maintenance, we often forget to enjoy our own pools! Remember you built your pool mainly for fun in the water.

So, grab hold of your thinking hats and figure out ways in which you can ramp up the fun factor with lots of accessories. You can also explore the wide world of poolside must-haves for safety and entertainment.

Patio tables and coolers, inflatable plastic animals and floating beds are so yesterday. Why not look for more interesting, unique yet useful and functional stuff?


1. Robot Cleaner:

You’ve spent days getting your pool summer ready. So why not save yourself this chore throughout the warm season? Obviously pools don’t get clean by waving a magic wand. Robotic pool cleaners are the answer. They not only reduce cleaning time, but also do a thorough job around corners, floor and hard-to-get-at spaces. Polaris Robotic Pool Cleaners are a great option.


2. Safety First:

Most drowning deaths in the country happen to people who were not meant to be near the pool at all. If you have children and seniors in the house, safety is top priority. Install a barrier round the pool such as a poly carbonate enclosure, dome enclosure, fence or nets for when the pool’s not in use. Talk to an expert and assemble a comprehensive safety kit. It must include ring-buoy, safety-hook, rope and float line, basic first-aid box, spine board, life-jackets, rescue can, and most important, a loud and effective swimming pool alarm. Paste lists of emergency numbers in prominent places around the pool and dressing-rooms.


3. Water Testing Kit:

Keeping the water-chemistry on the level is essential for health and safety. What residential pool-owners need to check is pH, alkalinity, chlorine and acid demand levels. You can buy standard testing kits online. Testing should be done two or three times a week.


4. Floats:

Now for the fun part! Designed for safety and relaxation, these products have come a long way since their debut in the early 1900s. They add lots of enjoyment and are a great help to those who don’t swim much, but love to be in the water. They’re great for everyone from toddlers to the elderly. They include inflatable loungers, bars, pool noodles, giant floats for multiple guests, floating beds, cute vehicle, animal and bird floats and more. For a dash of glamour select them in gold or silver, or color changing inflatables filled with glitter. It’s important to keep your floats in good condition, as they’re usually not very durable. Check often for leakage, and clean them thoroughly after each use.


5. Storage Bins:

While on the subject of floats, there’s nothing more messy than a poolside cluttered with stuff. This is also a safety hazard, as people can trip over or slip on them. Fix this problem with storage bins to hold inflatables, toys and other accessories for poolside fun. Ensure that the bin is made of mesh so that the contents get a chance to dry out, and if it has wheels, all the better. You can also get braided storage baskets for magazines and books. Just make sure they’re mold resistant and waterproof. If you love pool volleyball or basketball, store them in weighted bags that you can hang on handy hooks at the sides of the pool.


6. Floating Speakers:

Music lovers, why deny yourself the joy of a tune while you’re in the pool? You can transform your poolside into a party-zone instantly with a set of waterproof Bluetooth speakers. Make sure the wireless range is well beyond your pool size so that those on the sidelines can enjoy the beats too. Some of these products come with additional features such as LED light displays, so you have an instant water disco.


7. Match Match:

Get that put together look with sets of matching towels, mats, robes and soft furnishings to use around the pool. Select blends of synthetic and pure cotton for easy washing and quick drying. Color coordinate with your storage baskets for that extra Wow! factor. Have an extra set of towels for the poolside so that you won’t have to trail water through the house in search of a towel. Pool furniture can also be in matching colors, so your poolside floating bar, drinks tables, lounging chairs and food/beverage holders have a classy and synchronized look.

There’s a lot more you can do to make your pool and its environs safe, fun and attractive, while you, your family and friends can beat the heat in style.







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