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4 Must-Have Power Tools For Any DIY Enthusiast

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Best power drill

Best power drill

The global covid-19 pandemic brought with it stringent measures that have seen people locked up at home more than ever before. Staying at home with little to do can leave you frustrated and stressed out. 

You may find yourself noticing things around your house that dissatisfy you, which you embark on doing yourself, seeing as social distancing measures cannot allow you to easily call a specialist.

Many people have turned to DIY to improve their homes, while at the same time boosting their mental health - accomplishing tasks has been linked to wellness, as it gives people a greater sense of purpose at a time where you are scarcely active.

DIY Starter Pack

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced enthusiast in the DIY world, there are several tools that are a must-have which you can get from Yale Electric Supply Co. The better the tools you buy, the greater their longevity in your toolbox. You could use them for fun projects, or you may be faced with situations that require quick fixes.

For example, if someone accidentally damaged your house, you would be forced to buy tools to fix it, but first, you would need to respond to an insurance settlement offer to get the money for that, especially since these tools don't particularly come cheap.

Below is a list of popular essential and effective power tools.


1. Drill and Driver

Arguably the most common and popular power tool, the drill is used for drilling circular holes in all kinds of surfaces like metals, plastic, wood, brick, concrete, and rock. 

Most DIY projects require you to drill holes to provide a space for attaching the parts of the item you are trying to build. It also needs a useful tool to drive the nail inside the holes faster.

Pre-drilling in some of your projects is essential as it keeps your wood from cracking/splitting and lets you drill screws much more easily.


2. Circular Saw

Handheld circular saws use an abrasive disc or blade that rotates at high speed and cuts the surface. They are ideal for making straight cuts along the wood's length, but models are made to make bevel cuts where there are depth adjustments and bevel adjustments

Circular saws are either corded or cordless. Cordless circular saws are more popular because of their portability and convenience. The lack of cord allows for more accurate cutting as there is no chance of the cord getting in your way.


3. Orbital Sander

Another important DIY power tool is the random orbital sander, whose usefulness cannot be stressed enough, especially in indoor sanding projects. It limits the amount of dust spreading all over your home. 

It saves a lot of time which would otherwise be used to re-stain, strip down wood, et cetera. Its usefulness cannot be understated, not to mention how it saves you energy that would be drained by manually working.


4. Nail Gun

A nail gun, also called a nailer, is commonly used to drive nails into wood or other material and is a preferred alternative to the manual hammer and nail as it prevents hammering a surface all wonky or even accidentally hitting yourself. 

Since nail guns vary in the length and thickness of nails they can drive, you need to find one that can use multiple types of nails and brads. 


Practice Safe DIY

Power tools can sometimes be hazardous, especially when handled with unskilled people. It is important to ensure that you get the necessary prior training and read safety manuals before operating any power tool.







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