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Why Should Australian Residents Go For Building New Energy-Efficient Houses?

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New Energy Efficient Houses

Why Should Australian Residents Go For Building New Energy-Efficient Houses

Looking at the New Energy Efficient Houses current climate conditions which are predicted to get worse, it would be necessary for the residents to take a step for themselves. This step-up majorly includes building a healthy and sustainable residential building that is structurally sound and waterproof.

With the implementation of BASIX certification in NSW, the local architects would have spent years and given all their efforts in designing sustainable eco-homes. These are created with the intention to reduce energy & water usage and also reduce the greenhouse gas emission across NSW.

When these houses are validated against BASIX standards, the expected outcome is a more energy-efficient building. Not just this, building a new house in Australia, gives you much more benefit than you would have ever expected. If you are daydreaming the floorplans and the interiors of your new house already, then why wait? We give you a few more reasons to reconsider the thoughts and start building your dream house. The pros and cons will assist you with the decision making process of building a new house over buying an existing one. We wish these listing ticks all your expected benefits boxes. Keep scrolling…


Gives you creative control over new energy efficient houses:

If you move into a ready-made house, you may be restricted from using a place in a particular way only. When you wish to make a major update, you would need to make a renovation plan, take approval, and invest a hefty amount. This wouldn’t be the case with building a new house. It will cater to all your needs, and the built-up house would exactly have the features that you dreamt of.

You would be responsible for creating the floorplan, layouts, defining the storage spaces, windows, and everything. Isn’t it a great deal to start with?


You may get government concessions:

New Energy Efficient Houses

stamp duty

Who would ever wish to miss upon getting government benefits? Yes, the government does extend its support and provide concessions to those who apply for new homes. Few of the concessions include $10,000 for the first home buyers under the buyers’ assistance scheme, and also stamp duty concessions for the first-timers. In both scenarios, you are grabbing some more bucks in your pocket. An added perk, stamp duty is only charged on the land component and not on the construction costs. That’s great news for your fixed budget house planning!


You get more energy homes:

Ever since the implementation of BASIX certificate approval by the NSW government, architects are engaging themselves more in building energy-efficient houses. These houses further reduce energy and utility costs. You can design a natural ventilation structure for your new house. The same is not be possible if you choose an existing house to stay in, which further leads to an increased amount of carbon footprints and increased energy bills. Do you wish to do this harm to the future generation?


Maintenance costs reduce drastically:

New Energy Efficient Houses

toy house

Since you will be building a new house with your choice of builder and the architect, you can be sure that you wouldn’t have to face any immediate maintenance costs. And unfortunately, if you have to, then it would be covered under warranty. This scenario will give you the utmost relaxation allowing you to sit on your couch and enjoy the sip of coffee.

We would say don’t count your benefits always in dollars, instead, imagine the benefits of house building in terms of environmental savings.

If you are thinking about how the report will be assessed, then consider the following:

  • During the assessment, the location of the building is taken into consideration;
  • The orientation size of the building is also considered;
  • The type of construction that you are planning to have will be taken into account;
  • The size of the window and the glazing will also be considered;
  • The amenities and the appliances you are planning to use inside the building would also be considered in the BASIX assessment.


The thermal comfort levels, which can lower the utility of energy inside the dwellings, would be considered during the assessment. Urban planning is definitely good if done with an aim to provide a sustainable future. And a BASIX certificate confirms this lower energy usage for the new house.

In order to comply with the BASIX, you can consider the installation of a rainwater tank, water-saving taps, water-saving showerheads and toilets, and many more. You can consider increasing the roof insulation, installation of ceiling fans, optimizing cross ventilation, changing window orientation.

Consider this process of compliance as a good act of helping the environment. You can speak to an expert team that will assist you in getting compliance with BASIX. Your application process would be solved as smoothly as possible, with no extra-cost surprises at the end of the process. Empowering dwellings that are energy-efficient brings its own set of rewards, and the residents can not afford to lose a sustainable healthy lifestyle.







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