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New Water Heater Installation: Should You DIY?

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Water heater repair

Water heater repair

Homeowners are probably looking for ways to save money. Also, they want to have a new water heater for their home. Not everyone can go along with hot water. It is significantly essential to everyone. It is also a good investment in the total worth of your property. Still, you may want to save money. Yet, there are many jobs where DIY is not the ideal answer. We don't encourage DIY water heater installation. A water heater is a complicated system. Most use gas fuel sources, and gas is hazardous. One wrong action can affect the property, and in rare situations, it can cause death. So, let the professional do the water heater installation in your home.

Why Schedule Professional New Water Heater Installation

There are several reasons to get an expert water heater repair company to perform all the installation in your home, and more reasons with a water heater. Since the water heater is not like other plumbing systems you may have had, it is more dangerous to install.

Here are a few reasons to choose a licensed water heater installation:

  • Sizing – With a water heater, sizing is crucial. It can be explained that sizing is the most critical aspect when purchasing a new water heater. If you do not assess a new water heater accurately, you will waste money and enjoy less hot water when you want it most. Professional installation technicians can choose the correct water heater, the right size, and the ideal efficiency rating for your home's demands.
  • No Leaks – DIY water heater installation can place you at risk of fuel leaks, water leaks, or inaccurate ventilation. Ventilation is especially significant. With a gas-based water heater, carbon monoxide accumulation is a real threat. This element has no odor, hazardous gas that develops in an unventilated area fast. About water, a dripping water heater can pose a big threat to your property in the form of water damage.
  • Professionalism – If anything goes wrong with your water heater system, you will need a professional to look after you. When you need upkeep or repairs, one call to your installation partner will have your back.  


Why Not DIY

There are many reasons not to do a DIY water heater installation. For instance, have you had experience in installing it accurately, and removing it safely, and put the old water heater away? Less homeowners have this understanding and experience. Moreover, most homeowners are not trained to do a thorough installation. Still, you may need someone who can handle the proper installation in your houses.


Five Reasons to Get a New Water Heater Ahead of the Holidays

Have you ever thought of your water heater? You probably think about it after getting repairs or maintenance, then you hardly think of it at all. Nevertheless, if you have owned a water heater for a decade or more, now is the perfect time to replace your system. You will enjoy the benefits of it: save money and more water every day. Before the holiday comes, treat your home as an excellent gift.


Five Reasons to Replace Your Hot Water Heater

Before the holiday season makes you busy, with friends and family coming over to your home for gatherings and occasions, make sure your water heater can endure the difficulty. Here are indications that you need to replace your water heater now, not next week or other times.

  • Temperature – If your water heater cannot keep a consistent temperature, then your friends and family are in for a distresses time. Maybe someone changed the thermostat inaccurately or the water heater is not big enough to give hot water.
  • Rusty Water – As your water heater gets old, the tank will start to corrode. Then, you may see rust in the water. A tarnishing tank is both hazardous and expensive if ignored for too long. 
  • Sounds – Any notable sound from your water heater, such as gurgling and rumbling, is an indication of huge residue buildup in the water heater tank. An old system is also a certain cause of the noise. 
  • Leaks – A dripping water heater is a terrible sign. If there is a notable leak around the tank, either rust or corrosion is starting to destroy the tank. It will be difficult to repair it. Then, replace it with a new one. 
  • Efficiency – It is what everyone wants at home. Over the years, your water heater will experience low efficiency from age, leaks, and other common problems. To improve efficiency, schedule its immediate replacement. 


Four Ways to Keep Your Water Heater

Family depends on the water heater every day to keep them clean and comfortable. A water heater normally lasts for about 10 years. But, there are some important maintenance works you can do to make its lifespan longer and help it work more smoothly.


Water Heater Maintenance Checklist

An easy four-step yearly maintenance plan can help prolong the life of your water heater. 

  1. Reduce the temperature setting on your water heater. Many water heaters are set to 130-140 degrees Fahrenheit, but according to the U.S Department of Energy, it should be set to 120 degrees Fahrenheit for most households. Reducing the temperature can lower your energy bills, reduce the chances of overheating, lessening the risk of scalding, and decrease the speed at which mineral deposits will develop in your water.
  2. Perform a mini-flush of your water heater. Over time, residue forms in your water heater tank, which can both reduce the efficiency of your water heater and tarnish the inside of your tank. To stop this, flush your water heater religiously. 


Here’s how to perform a mini-flush of your water heater:

  • Put a container under the drain valve near the base of the water heater tank.
  • Remove the valve to release one to two gallons of water into the container. This water will be hot, so be careful.
  • Shut the valve again. 
  1.  Check the temperature and pressure relief valve, which part of your water heater that is intended to discharge too much pressure and maintain your water heater working safely. Elevate partway up on the lever, then let it fall back into place. The outcome should be a babbling sound as the valve moves water to the drain.
  2. Arrange a yearly professional water heater examination. Like other complicated devices like your car, your water heater requires guaranteed, equipped professionals to inspect it annually. Professional plumbing experts have the training, equipment, and expertise to perform a complete inspection of your water heater. They can tell you if it needs repair or replace it.


At Hooper Plumbing & Air Conditioning, we make sure to give you advice on why you should get a new water heater for your homes. Also, we provide tips on how to keep your water heater during the holidays. It will be great to install a new water heater during the holidays to enjoy its maximum benefits. You will enjoy hot water while staying at your homes. So, contact us today to have your new water heater installed. 







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