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Smart Hacks to Renovate Office Interior, Workplace in a Small Budget

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Office Interior Remodel DIY in a Small Budget

In your personal environment, you probably will never doubt that your surroundings affect your mood. Think for a moment how a messy house can turn you down or how a pretty park with fountains can calm you. It’s natural that our locations greatly influence our moods.

Don’t you think the same is true for your office space too? Today an office is more than just work that happens within the space. An office and its design serve as a statement about its values and vision as well as the type of employees it wants to attract.

A beautiful office infrastructure creates a warm and welcoming space that inspires your employees and impresses the visitors as well. An office remodeling makes the place more comfortable, warm, and conducive to higher productivity. Making even some slight changes in the office space can greatly improve its appearance for the better. Also, staircases are a good option for a small interior and make your place more attractive.

No doubt, we all want the perfect and creative office space, but not everyone likes to pay an expensive price for it. Presently, many people are hesitant of renovating their offices because of a popular misconception that the office revamping process is expensive. While renovating an office on a small budget may seem a really difficult task for many owners, it is actually possible. A careful office renovation budget planning coupled with a bit of creativity can do wonders in transforming the look of your office.

If you are planning to renovate office but also have a tight budget, this blog post is going to be really helpful for you. Here, we will discuss some amazing hacks to renovate an office interior in a small budget. Let’s start:


Things to Remember Before Renovating Office Interior




  1. Plan the office renovation budget beforehand. Analyze which areas need improvement the most and divide the budget accordingly. It will remove a lot of confusions and disagreements.
  2. While shopping for office redecoration material, look for affordable revamping options. Consider buying locally and in bulk amount.
  3. Declutter and make sure to get rid of non-essentials. Clearing out the clutter first helps you in establishing what is required and what is not required for the new work zone.
  4. Try to recycle the old material instead of buying new. If there is a need to clear out old equipment and tech items then find some reliable recycling place to take the unwanted stuff out of your hands.
  5. If you are on a limited renovation budget, go for the office modernization project with a minimalist approach. Keep things simple and try to be as creative as possible.


Best Hacks to Renovate Office in a Small Budget

1.      Go for an Open Plan Layout

Usually, offices with a reception and several rooms are at the higher end of the budget. Therefore, opt an open-plan layout is a cost-effective solution – especially when you are on a tight budget.

In an open office plan, employees often share workstations and do their work within an exposed floor plan. This layout has only a few individual rooms designated for higher management. The good thing about an open plan office is you can always accommodate a sizeable team. So, if you are a company that always needs to employ more staff, an open office layout will go best with your needs.


2.      Introduce Glass Dividers

If you have an open plan layout, glass dividers serve as an economical way to maintain a departmental feel. Using glass office partitions, you get good exposure to natural sunlight and can enjoy sunny rays all year round.

Office Environment

Office Environment

Besides that, choosing sliding glass door system offers many benefits to the work environment like creating an open, transparent, and energetic atmosphere. You can also give a modern look to your office bathrooms as well by making use of glass shower doors. The glass shower doors come in various sizes and thickness depending on their purpose and quality.


3.      Decorate the Walls

Introducing a feature wall with your company logo is an inexpensive way to add more personality to your workspace. Not only that, it also uplifts your brand identity. By using existing features with a modern design, you can add aesthetic interest to your office.

Office Interior

Office Interior

Besides that, art in the office reflects the style of the company. Encourage your employees to hang their own framed piece of art on the walls. Ask them to come up with some creative ideas to decorate the walls without compromising the style of the company. Search for some good digital art related to your industry on the internet. Crop, zoom, add effects, take a print, frame the photo and hang it on your office wall. Repeat the same process to find more beautiful photos.


4.      Choose Economical Chairs and Tables

While doing a new fit-out or major overhaul, it is always economical to buy the same chairs and tables for all the office staff at once and from a newly launched outlet. This increases your chances of getting a better deal.



You can use a mesh back office chairs or upholstered task chairs as they are very affordable and prevent sweaty backs in summers. Similarly, transparent glass tables are really good at making a room look larger and airy than it is thus creating an illusion of space. Due to this fact, glass tables are very popular in offices these days for creating modern and contemporary space.


5.      Use the glass boards

Renovate Office

Renovate Office

When your workplace does not have a lot of colors, decorating the walls is a highly useful idea. Use colored glass board on the wall to give your office space a distinctive character. A glass board is a great alternative to a whiteboard.  A glass board is a great replacement to a normal whiteboard. Alternatively, a pinboard can also make a great substitute for a whiteboard, perfect for common areas where notices can be posted. They come in a variety of colors and allow for a more formal presentation making the space look more professional. It is a quick way to take notes when you are on a phone and looks more stylish than a whiteboard.


6.      Install a Coffee Point

When you have a small renovation budget, it is nearly impossible to build a cafe in the office. In such a situation, installing a coffee point in the office is a good option. They look quite compact, stylish, and useful at the same time. You may style that space a little by placing round-shaped glass tables with chairs around.


7.      Get Rid of the Unnecessary Reception Area

Nowadays, we are increasingly seeing the trend of doing away with reception areas. Many companies that do not have clients coming in all the time do not feel the need for a reception area.

Do you also want to ditch your reception area but also worried that clients might get lost while entering the office? You may do it by putting branded bubbles on the ground, some in green, and some in blue. The different colors leading to different rooms will make it easy for clients to understand where to go. These floor markers are quite cheap and brighten up space too.


8.      Choose a Simple and Bright Color Scheme

Your office does not have to be all bells and whistles to be effective. A minimalist color approach will be quite adequate for most of your office’s needs. The good thing is there are a lot of inexpensive hacks to prevent your office looking like a clinic.

A simple and bright color scheme is best to make your workplace look advanced and creative as well. You can go for white walls combined with the color of your brand. This combination of colors with white makes the place looks spacious as well as creates a sense of the brand’s identity.


9.      Use Plants to Add Punch

Plants are essential to creating a fresh looking office environment. Use a balanced combination of big and small plants to create to brighten up work stations and other small desks.

Place some plants near the entrance of the workplace to create a welcoming effect. If you find it difficult to take regular care of real plants, the best alternative is to use artificial plants. They don’t wit and die thus serving as a cost-effective solution. Real plants are also affordable but they demand a little extra care.


10. Get the Right Amount of Lighting 



Try to make the most of natural light that you get in your office. Many studies show that the productivity of employees increases in correlation to the natural light in the workplace.

Parallel to that; get rid of naked bulbs and fluorescent lights because they create a harsh lighting scheme. Replace them with CFLs or halogens bulbs that diffuse the light in a beautiful manner.

There are some areas in your workplace that require a higher amount of light like the ones where detailed work is carried out. On the other hand, there are some areas that can bear lower levels like corridors. So, while renovating the office, make sure you are paying enough attention to the lighting requirements of different spaces.

So, these were some useful hacks to revamp your office interior within a small budget. Hope you liked these ideas. Stay tuned for more interesting topics.

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