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Portable Band Saw Uses | For What & Where You Can Use A Portable Band Saw?

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portable band saw

portable band saw

Portable band saws have a lot of use, though due to their utility they don’t get the attention they deserve. Most people think portable saws are only for making decorative cuts. Yes, it is indeed highly suitable for making decorative cuts but apart from that, you can use it in other areas as well.

However, if you are looking forward to knowing the portable band saw uses, then we urge you to go through this guide. We have demonstrated some common uses of a portable band saw. Before going to the brief guide, let’s have a look at the six common applications of a portable band saw summary.

These are:

  1. Structural Steels
  2. Bar Stock Shaping
  3. Making Tenon Joint
  4. Cutting down timbers to small pieces
  5. Preparing wood notch
  6. Meat Cutting


Yes, it's time to start the brief guide. In this section, you will get a clear idea that in what and where you can use a portable band saw. So, let’s start:

  1. Structural Steels

Portable band saws are very commonly used in metal fabrication shops since they can easily cut or shape the steel. That being said, they ensure the use of a high-quality blade with a  . How sharp and strong the blade is, accurate cutting mostly depends on it. However, you cannot cut thick steel with a portable band saw, it is only for cutting thin steel sheets.


  1. Bar Stock Shaping 

Bar stocks are also known as Billet. These are not something that you usually see. It is a form of metal and from it, manufacturers make different kinds of metal parts. To turn the billet to shape most of the manufacturers use a portable band saw, it easier to cut down bar stocks to the normal desired shape. You can cut bar stocks to square shape or rectangular shape with a band saw.


  1. Making Tenon Joint

Woodworkers wood know, since most working tasks need tenon or mortise joints. Tenon joint means joining two pieces of wood together. With the portable band saw making the tenon tough is very easy, it gets smooth. And if the blade is good, you will get great accuracy as well.


  1. Cutting down timbers to small pieces

Portable band saws can be used to cut down big woods into smaller pieces. That being said, it is suitable for woods that are 12 x 12-inches, you can use a portable band saw for that wood size. However, do not try to cut wood that is 2-3 feet long and very thick. Doing so will damage the lifespan of the machine.


  1. Preparing wood notch

This is also very common in woodworking, every standard rooftop requires this. Professionals mostly use a portable band saw in making these notches. But they use a dual blade that makes a perfect notch easily. And the suggested angle is 30-degree, this will deliver better cutting performance.


  1. Meat Cutting 

This might seem a little weird but band saws are widely used in the meat cutting industry. It is not about cutting home meats, it is about cutting massive meat pieces and bones. Cutting meats and bones with a portable band saw is way too easy and the process is very fast as well. And the best part, you wouldn’t require a top-notch bandsaw for cutting meat, a decent model will do the job pretty nicely.



Not only these, but there are also other uses of the portable band saw as well. In wood cutting, meat cutting, thin steel sheet cutting, bandsaws are widely used though they require good maintenance. But still worthy.



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