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Portable Generators And Why You Should Buy One

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Most people take their electricity supply for granted, which makes sense – it is a constant feature of our lives, and one we do not usually think about apart from when it is time to pay the bill for it. But as freak weather events become more and more common, and as power blackouts start to become a commonly used tool for preventing wildfires, having a backup source of electrical power in your home can be a valuable investment should a crisis arrive. 

But why is a portable generator such a valuable thing? Let us take a look at some of the top advantages of buying a portable power generator for your home.


What is a Portable Generator?

A portable generator or emergency generator is a small backup power supply that can be used to power your home in the event of an outage. There are several different types available, but all of them fill much the same role: acting as insurance so you can keep your home powered if everything goes wrong. These devices are simple generators that power things completely separately from the main electrical grid, allowing you to keep going even if the grid goes down.


Keeping the Essentials Running

While many people may be able to operate without power for a little while, if you have any vital medical equipment that requires electrical power, then even a relatively brief outage can be fatal. A backup generator allows you to keep your essentials operating without missing a beat, even in a crisis.


Preventing Food Spoilage

If you like to keep your fridge and freezer well-stocked, that can be great most of the time. But if the power goes out, then that could be an enormous amount of food that will start to slowly defrost and warm-up, spoiling and becoming inedible. That can waste a huge amount of money and effort, and you will probably want to do what you can to prevent your food from going to waste. A portable generator can keep your cold storage units powered at all times, maintaining access to cold, fresh food whenever you need it.


Temperature Control

With extreme temperatures becoming more and more common, a power outage is likely to leave you without essential heating during the winter or without air conditioning during a hot summer. Keeping your climate-controlling devices running will help you stay comfortable and can help you to avoid medical issues such as frostbite or heatstroke.


Flood Protection

The sorts of storms that cause power outages also often come with heavy rains. Fortunately, your home probably has a sump pump to keep it safe from flooding, which is great until the storm knocks out the power and the pump stops working. If you have a backup generator, you can use it to keep your pump running and keep your basement dry at all times.



If the points above have convinced you of the value of a portable generator, your next step should be to start researching the best model for your needs. Head over to a site like to find all the buyers guides you could ever need for portable generators and more!







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