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What Is The Proper Repair And Maintenance Of Air Compressors?

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repair air compressor

repair air compressor

An air compressor needs as much care and attention as any other equipment. It is crucial to look after the maintenance of your air compressor from time to time. It will make it function effortlessly, and its life will increase over time. An air compressor might be heavy on your pocket, but its numerous benefits help overcome the costs.

However, without proper maintenance of the air compressor, you cannot expect it to operate well or have a longer life. Usually, people who do not take good care of their air compressor end up wasting their investment. They think that just a single purchase will solve all of their problems, which is wrong. Your refrigerator, air conditioner, or any other machinery will not work without a good quality air compressor. That is why it needs to be in good shape to last longer and do the job efficiently.

Besides its multiple uses, air compressors are widely used for industrial purposes. They come in different models and sizes, as well as for particular purposes. Since there are many benefits of having an air compressor in factories and homes, people plan on investing in them. Right after making the purchase, they forgot to do any repair and maintenance that it might need.

When this happens, the compressor loses its quality, with much lower efficiency than usual. Major industries and plants understand the importance of running an air compressor and keep up with its maintenance.

There are various types of air compressors now available online, such as electric, petrol, and diesel. If you are planning to buy an air compressor online, click on this link: https://www.ablesales.com.au/air-compressors-factory-direct/industrial-screw/, you will come across a wide selection and can understand its proper functionality.

Now, you might be wondering how to do the repairs and maintenance of an air compressor. Here are some beneficial ways to ensure the air compressor works smoothly for an extended period.

1- Keep lubricating the machine

Like any other machinery, an air compressor needs oil to function smoothly, but not every other compressor needs it. If the one you have needs a lubricant to work, then try to fulfill its intake from time to time. Make sure that the air compressor you have, has enough oil in it before you start it. By changing its oil, you will keep the compressor healthy, preventing it from working below its capacity. Oil replacement further helps keep the metal components in shape, which can stop the machine from falling apart.

While lubricating the machine, try to give additional importance to the motor bearings. Motor bearings are needed in the compressor to make it work efficiently. They continuously rotate, so the compressor can do its job correctly, which is why they need regular lubrication.


2- Change its air filter

If you regularly use an air compressor, it will be in dire need of an air filter replacement. It is better to change the air filter when it is due and get rid of all the accumulated dirt and debris. Within no time, your compressor will start working correctly, as if you have upgraded to a new model. The performance will improve significantly, giving you all the more reason to stick with this one.

While changing the air filter, make sure that the compressor has cooled down. You can use an industrial blower to clean the surface, replacing it with a new filter.


3- Perform regular inspections

Apart from changing the oil and air filter, commit yourself to regularly inspecting the air compressor. It will save you from the struggle of buying a new one in the future. Regular inspections will help determine the minor to major issues, so you get the repairs done without delay. If you cannot do this by yourself, then get it checked from a professional. Also, you can maintain a proper maintenance schedule for the air compressor and get it checked regularly. Some areas to inspect will be:

  • Tubes, fittings, and valves of the compressor
  • Connectors of the compressor that may need to adjust
  • Air and oil leakage issues


4- Stabilize its temperature

Air compressors tend to heat up, primarily while operating in a hot environment. An industrial compressor generates heat, which can leave a negative impact on its performance levels. It uses different systems for dispersing heat, which stabilizes the temperature near the sensitive gears. So try to check if those systems are intact and working regularly. If you are not an expert at it, it would be wise to hire an air compressor expert. Many companies provide air compressor maintenance services, so avail their help in need.


5- Make prompt repairs

Routine checks of your compressor will work as a life savior for you and your machine. It will guarantee maximum performance, adding more years in its life. By making prompt repairs, you will be working with well-maintained machinery to help save your money. It would be best to assign a person to keep an eye on your compressor and take care of any repairs. Be it small wear and tear or changing the body parts, be quick with the repairs to avoid any disaster. If you work with multiple air compressors, prepare a maintenance program that will notify you about the needed repairs. You can also record the daily performance of the compressor and analyze the results for your understanding. Consider this a tiny investment with incredible value and optimal results.



Regardless of the model type, shape, and size of your air compressor, it is crucial to do proper repair and maintenance. From replacing filters to repairing some of its faulty parts, do what you can to keep the machine running. An air compressor is more like an investment for the long-term, so use it wisely and carefully. Regular maintenance of the air compressor is a vital key to prevent it from future damages and depreciation.

Now that you are aware of the repair and maintenance of air compressors, why not implement these practices right away?







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