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Protecting Your Roof In Changing Times

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Weather is getting more extreme in the USA, and it’s only set to get more severe. According to climate advocates DownToEarth, nearly $65bn was lost to extreme weather events in 2020; Insurance Journal estimates that $1bn was claimed in March 2021 alone. This is clearly a huge challenge for property owners, both in terms of money, and when it comes to maintaining their roof. Addressing the challenge starts with cover.

Going above and beyond

For homeowners, the first key is to check if roof replacement is covered. As outlined by USA Today, roof replacement is not typically part of home insurance cover. Other factors, such as roof repair and minor adjustments, may be, but a whole-roof job is not necessarily going to be covered by insurers. For homeowners in states impacted by extreme weather, and even those where they aren’t, it’s going to be worthwhile looking for insurance that can cover roof replacement costs.


Maintenance and repairs

Cover aside, it could be prudent for homeowners to look at specific upgrades. Homes in storm-prone states have regularly used methods to help storm-proof their roof. This can include replacing tiles with metal and looking to keep rusted areas clean, or bracing the roof with extra supports. Using specific clips and fittings to ensure that the entire system is as strong as it can be will help to protect against the impacts of storms or even greater humidity in the air.


Making positive changes

Taking time to upgrade your roof also gives you the opportunity to make positive changes that can help to reduce the incidence rate of extreme weather. MarketWatch highlights the particular use of ‘cool’ paint, which, even in areas without significant sunshine hours, can help to improve albedo and reduce the impact of global warming. This, in turn, can help to remove the impacts of global warming on local weather and, in time, reverse its effects. Any minor adaptations that you can make to your home in this manner will help – and it’ll also make your property a more attractive one if you ever decide to sell.

Taking a second look at your roof and its readiness for big weather events isn’t a bad idea in today's climate. Starting with cover, and ensuring you're ready for any extreme weather events, is a good step. Making actual adjustments to make your home storm-worthy is even better.



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