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5 Questions To Ask A Roofing Contractor

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professional repairing roof

professional repairing roof

Installing a new roof or replacing an old one is an expensive, time-intensive, and often stressful task, especially if your roofing project doesn’t go exactly to plan. Choosing a roofing contractor to complete your project may be the single most crucial step in the process of installing a new roof. Before you begin searching for a contractor, you’ll need to decide what you’re going to ask them before deciding to hire. Here are five core questions you should have on your list when interviewing potential contractors.

Are you licensed and insured?

Hiring a licensed and insured roofing contractor is imperative to your roofing project. A licensed contractor is up to date on current building codes and regulations and can adhere to a fundamental building standard which you can get from An insured contractor means both you and they are protected from accidents that may occur on the job. If one of their workers causes damage to your home, insurance will cover the necessary repairs. This important step will save you a lot in terms of sanity and peace of mind, as issues like this can take a toll on your mental health in the long run.

A non-licensed contractor means you have no understanding of their basic practices and whether those practices are up to code. A non-insured contractor means you’ll have no recourse of action if the contractor makes a mistake that damages your home or your property.

If your potential contractor is neither licensed nor insured, walk away. Even if they are considerably cheaper than competitors, the savings you’ll enjoy may come at a higher financial cost later. This fact is especially true if they improperly install the roof and you find yourself making constant repairs, or worse, replacing the roof again in a few short years.


How long have you been in business?

The length of a potential contractor’s business may contribute to their expertise in the area. If they’ve been in the business ten or more years, then there’s a certain amount of reliability they may be able to offer. If they haven’t been in the industry that long, don’t consider it a deal-breaker. But do take the time to focus more closely on other factors of their qualifications. It may be the case that the contractor worked for a larger roofing business and broke off recently to start their own, smaller contracting company.


Do you have a dedicated project lead?

Some roofers may send out a professional to evaluate your current roof and provide you an estimate. Then, once you accept the estimate and sign a contract, you never see a consistent point of contact again on site. A good roofing contractor should have a dedicated project lead or foreman that shows up at the worksite every day to check progress and answer any questions you might have during the process. Make sure your roofer understands your expectations regarding communication on site.


Can you provide a written estimate?

Never accept a verbal estimate for a new roof before beginning work. You want any estimate you receive to be written so that you can use your estimate as a reference for fair pricing when the contract is drawn up. If you don’t obtain a written estimate from your roofer, then prices might change dramatically without any means on your end to keep your contractor within a reasonable range.


What is your process for material disposal?

This question is essential because it ensures you hire a roofer who will take care of the mess once done. You’ll also want to determine if the cost of clean-up is included in the estimated price or if the cost is additional to the original estimate.

A good roofing contractor will properly establish a safe working environment that keeps your outdoor furniture, equipment, vehicles, etc., protected. A good roofing contractor will clean up thoroughly throughout the process, using proper tools to pick up any nails or other hardware that have fallen on the property in the course of the roof replacement.