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7 Reasons Why You Should Install LED Shop Lights

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led lights

led lights

LED shop lights are the modern day fluorescent tube lights for shops. The reason why they are called shop lights is because of their design features which make them a good-fit for task oriented spaces like garages and workshops. In such spaces the lighting requirement is pretty straightforward most of the light is needed on work benches or display items.

Most fluorescent lights are accommodated in a single fixture like troffer lights but they have failed to comply with providing the efficient lighting and modern standards. Their functions are a little too outdated and cost a lot when it comes to maintenance.

Here are 7 reasons why you should install LED shop lights in your shops, workspaces, and garages:

1. Lightweight fixture

LED shop lights are sleek, lightweight modern day light fixtures which are easy to accommodate in a task-oriented environment. Despite their application they are manufactured to provide the optimum level of brightness needed to illuminate a workspace and specific task spaces. These lightweight fixtures are compensating and very easy to transport and install due to their relatively lesser weight than traditional fixtures. These fixtures can accommodate up to two tubes which are far brighter than four fluorescent tubes.


2. Directional Way of Lighting

LEDs provide directional lighting. It helps save energy and does not waste any extra light in the surroundings. This allows accenting of light and focusing it on the desired location for visibility and to facilitate tasks and focus on the details. You can read more about it here.


3. Adjustable Lighting Options

LED lights allow adjustable lighting to facilitate the environment and enhance the outlook of the space. The light temperature can be adjusted on a kelvin scale ranging from 2500K to 6000K i.e., warm yellow to cool white light. The CRI of LEDs is more than 80 so the light is bright but does not cause eye strain or headaches. They help create a uniform, ambient lighting theme for comfort and visibility.


4. Mounting Options

LED shop lights come with various mounting options for feasible lighting. They can be adjusted according to ceiling height and requirements of the place. Shop lights have mounting brackets placed at the back of the housing through which they can be installed in two ways, i.e., Surface mount/ceiling mount or suspend mount in which the light can hang through chains or pendants.


5. Allows Retrofitting

LED shop lights also have the option of retrofitting. For example, old fluorescent tube fixtures can be replaced with T8 led tubes. This is a rather convenient alternative in places where minimal wear and tear is required. They work the same as new fixtures and have the same level of light output.


6. Low Electricity Consumption and Maintenance Charges

One of the biggest benefits of installing LEDs is saving extra costs on frequent replacement of lamps and high electricity usage. The reason why they are so welcome in today’s world is that they consume much less energy and produce lighter unlike traditional lamps which consume more energy, produce little light and more heat. LEDs live up to their warranty period and have a life span of up to 5–10 years at best.


7. Eco-friendly

LED lights are eco-friendly and do not contain any toxic chemical like fluorescent tubes containing mercury which is poisonous for both humans and environment while using as well as while recycling.

LEDs are safe to use and recycle and are very cost-effective.



LED shop lights have several benefits for workspaces where the lumen requirement is high. They can accommodate it well which in turn reduces the number of fixtures installed. Other than that they are conventional tend to be much cheaper than traditional lights in the long run and help create the desired uniform lighting pattern for task oriented spaces. If you want to get more LED light, you may visit olightstore.com







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