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Remodel Your Basement Into A Dynamic Living Space

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Basement remodeling can expand the square footage of your house. However, unlike other remodeling projects, they need a specialized planning process. A proper plan is necessary to avoid any unnecessary complications in the future. One of the prime concerns is to keep the egress and moisture prevention problems in mind.

Basement remodeling is one of the standard home remodeling projects. By taking advantage of the unfinished space in the basement, you can increase square footage without adding a new one. Whether you are considering consulting a remodeling company or planning to tackle it yourself, you need to know that basement remodeling revolves around certain vital norms. Educating yourself on the fundamentals of the basement remodeling projects is a primary step to start the project.

Keeping Moisture at Bay

The basement area is surrounded by soil and water, which calls for repeated moisture issues in these spaces. Moisture in your basement might not grab your attention if you plan to use it as a hobby shop or a garage. However, if you are remodeling it into a living space, you will need to eradicate the moisture first hand. Water leads to structural weakness, fosters the growth of mold, and creates unsightly stains. It can also ruin the building material, getting the basement for maintenance quite sooner than expected. You can consult an expert service provider, such as Precision Basement Remodeling of Columbus, to best understand the solutions for your basement remodeling project.


Egress: Safety First

Residential building codes differ based on locations and municipalities. Egress is nothing but an exit door that can provide the occupants a safe exit in fire events or emergencies. Residents mostly need two exits to aid them if one of the portals is due to blockage. For standard bedrooms, windows can act as exits. On the other hand, installing window exits in the basement room is a challenging task. For such a move, you will have to work around several factors to install exits. Find location in the map below:


Windows as Emergency Exits

An emergency exit is doable but only required proper planning. Most of the egress windows need a sturdy window to hold back the outside soil and provide good passage to move out. Another aspect of the construction of a basement window is the styles of the window panes. For instance, casement windows are mostly open so that they obstruct a particular part of the opening. As a result, you have to stress the minimum area for the egress for the actual opening size and incorporate the window style accordingly. Creating the exit depending only upon the size of the window frame is, therefore, not enough.

You will not face any problem related to the egress or moisture collection with an expert for guidance. Design the basement with the help of the contractor and seek any problematic fore comings from his end. Evaluation of all future issues will give you clarity on what activities to avoid. Instead of shelling out extra money for maintenance after a short period, it is crucial to consider these steps at the beginning of the basement remodeling project.



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