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Remote Working Tips And Platforms 

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desk laptop notebook work desk

desk laptop notebook work desk

Has your work become entirely or partially home-based due to the pandemic, and chances are you have to keep working from home in a hybrid arrangement at least? Most of you must have already adjusted to initial technical, physical, and also psychological challenges, finding ways to make it easier to cope. Here are a few tips on the topic, which you can also add to benefit you:

Sitting is the new smoking

Don’t just sit all day, but also stand up and move your body! Have you heard the not-so-new phrase, sitting is the new smoking? Many people prefer working from home, so use its advantages to enhance your life. If you don’t have a piece of furniture you could use as an alternative desk, like a tall chest of drawers, use your imagination, and build one. You could use other furniture, boxes, or anything that comes to mind. Be a bit creative. If you just prefer to sit, make sure you stand up at least hourly, and do some exercises moving all parts of your body for at least seven minutes. Remember how much you craved doing this, working back in the office!


Walking or exercising in your lunch break

Can you take half an hour or an entire hour for a lunch break? Use this time to your advantage! Liven up your day with a daily routine of exercise during your lunch break. If you just do some gymnastics at home for 15 minutes or go jogging 30-45 minutes daily, before lunch, both your focus and performance will get sharper, moreover you will do your work more energized. This habit doesn’t only give you a healthier body and mindset, but in case you need to look after and spend quality time with your kids in the afternoons and evenings, you can concentrate on them.


Psychological aspects of your new work environment

Some of you, contractors and regular office employees, who were office-based full-time or in a hybrid set-up even before the pandemic hit, are really missing the social workspace. What can you do about it, if working entirely alone is really getting the best of you? Try looking for a co-working space or sit and work from a coffee shop at times. There are restaurants and cake shops with pleasant balconies, where you can see more and more people sitting with their laptops and working in broad daylight. At times, you can also catch them doing so in parks or at river embankments. So long as your laptop can go without charging, this is a great way to get some suntan right now, be around people, and most importantly not between the four walls!


The best modern remote working platforms

Virtual office. If you haven’t yet come across VirtualOffice, a virtual office background creator tool, you might want to familiarize yourself with it. It is a cool way to present yourself in front of co-workers or clients, especially if you are not the tidiest, or your real background can be distracting to others. It is also a preferred tool of those with young children, who every now and then run into the picture asking their mommy and daddy those important kids’ questions, that often cannot wait. You can scroll through a pretty wide range of creatively designed backgrounds, and pick one of your choices, or switch them when you get bored. The people on the receiving end will only see you and your cool background.



PukkaTeam. It was created to solve the issues stemming from isolation, and its downward effects. This app gives you the chance to see if any of your teammates are available to chat worldwide, and you can call them directly without messaging them. The tool helps you not to feel lonely and enhances your productivity. It is a great platform for colleagues working in different hours or time zones; it enables the team members to feel more connected. Your co-workers can use a variety of laptops for working from home that support modern team collaboration software.


Microsoft Teams. This is a great video call tool with all the essential features, including file sharing, app integrations, and virtual backgrounds. You can arrange chats, calls, and group meetings using this platform. Many companies and some educational organizations prefer using Teams. Its special feature, the Together mode, enables co-workers and teams to work together virtually even from home. This makes it easier for groups to be and work together at least virtually. Since Microsoft strives to use high-quality technology, this tool ensures a secure working space.


Zoom. By using Zoom Video Conferencing, you can schedule important discussions, and share screens meanwhile. You can also be the host of larger team meetings and webinars. You can ensure that only invited participants can join your live event. The platform doesn’t allow your call to be interrupted by other calls, so it is perfect to organize interviews or group events. The app’s special feature is Zoom Rooms, it is a professional space created for team collaboration.


Google Drive. The best thing about Google Drive is that you can write, and store information in online document format, moreover you are able to share your screen with the person you are creating your folder with. It enables you to work effectively together, share ideas, add and correct each other’s material, and brainstorm together. You can decide with whom you are willing to share one or more folders, therefore you can use this space safely. 


Krisp. This app provides you with a clear sound experience by removing any undesired noise. It is especially useful when your calls are delivered from a non-sound-proof room, which can be very disturbing. The platform is simple but also works great with important conference calls, video calls with your friends and family members, or co-workers. 


These tools not only simplify your work, and enable you to work faster, and achieve better results, but also help you to collaborate with others, feeling like you share real space. On the other hand, emails and chatting apps don’t create the same personal experience, and we should all reduce our impersonal co-working space as much as possible for our sanity. The latter, more traditional ways of connections are also less secure. For instance, exchanging too many emails can expose you to more phishing, and security breaches. If we all strive to bring out the most of our secluded working space using some of these techniques, we can create a more livable world. 







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