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How To Repair A Leather Jacket

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Tips And Tricks To Repair Your Leather Jacket

Repair A Leather Jacket


A high-quality leather jacket does not tear off easily compared to that of cotton or nylon. A leather jacket can serve you longer. The jacket may tear off at the workplace, hiking, when one is tress passing in an unfinished construction site or a farm over the fence or even during the time children are playing.  It having a tear does not mean that it's the end of its service. One may seek for a leather professional for them to mend the torn part. But if one does not have that option, the following are five steps to repair the tear on your own.

 Steps to follow


  • Have the requirements in order

To mend the torn leather patch, you need the following requirements necessary, sewing needle, thread, seam ripper, fabric glue, tape, and a fabric scrap. The needle will be used with thread to bind the patch. The glue attaches the patch and the jacket before the binding of the needle and the thread. The seam ripper will be used to cut the patch into the required shape and size. When using the needle, a precaution measure will be used to prevent minor tissue injuries.


  • Position the torn leather sides

Place the torn part of the leather jacket in its actual position as you can using the dull point of the sewing needle. This will avoid shrinking of the jacket when the patch is sewed. Apply the piece of the scotch tape to hold the tear in position in the leather jacket. For the patch to appear nicely stitched, press the tape with your skin to remove stickiness.

Repair A Leather Jacket


  • Locate the tear from interior

Turn the jacket inside out and then find the position of the tear on the jacket from the interior side of it. If you had nicely pressed the tape, the tear would appear already lined up. Confirm whether the patch is near the tear. If so, use a pair of a seam ripper to position the patch.


  • Apply the fabric patch 

With the help of the fabric glue, affix the fabric patch to cover the tear. This step still works when one is working on the interior side of the jacket.  The tear will require a larger patch than the actual tear. This is because it will help in adhering and properly mending the patch in its best way. Hold the patch in its best positioning for a duration of 0ne to two minutes for the glues to be set before proceeding to the next step.


  • Complete the patch on the exterior

Turn the leather jacket on the exterior side. With the aid of the dull side of the needle, slowly open the sides of the tear. Slowly apply the fabric glue between the fabric and the dispatched side of the leather jacket. Handle the glue with maximum care to prevent it from contaminating the body because it is corrosive. With a piece of cloth, wipe any excess glue to allow the glue to set for several hours before one continuing to the next step. It is not recommended to use a hairdryer or any other method of heat in the drying process of the glue as hot air is too harsh for a leather jacket.


  • Close up the repair on the interior

Put back the interior lining of the leather jacket in its standard form. Using a needle and a piece of thread, sew the hole closed that has been opened to access the interior part of the leather jacket. Do not try to stretch out this part of the lining probably because it is in the inside and no one will notice about it or know its existence. Because it has been mended to look like in its original form since when it was manufactured.



The patch and the jacket color should of the same for uniformity. Leathers of the same high quality should be used for better results and outlook. In case you are not sure, it is advisable to consult the leather pro or the manufacturer's company for the repair services. You can also consider a quality leather repair kit that comes with everything that you need to do your repairs.







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