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What is the Best: Ridgid vs. Milwaukee

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If you’re someone who uses power tools on a regular basis, you’ve most likely came across these brands. Ridgid and Milwaukee are both revered brands in the industry, and for good reason. They’re both veterans in the industry, thus both are also trusted by the general public.

In this article, we compare the two brands versus each other. Ridgid vs. Milwaukee, who will come out on top? Read on to find out!

The Origin Stories Of Ridgid vs. Milwaukee

Ridgid vs. Milwaukee

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let’s talk about their humble beginnings. Ridgid started in 1923 while Milwaukee was just a year late to the scene at 1924. Both companies’ names were homages to their starting points.

Ridgid was founded in North Ridgeville, Ohio in 1923. Now they’ve relocated, although they’re still in the same state. They pride themselves on inventing the modern pipe wrench, the product their company started with.

Meanwhile, Milwaukee, true to its name, was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 1924, they made the “Hole Shooter”, the first lightweight, one-handed ¼” capacity drill. Since then, they’ve been developing high-quality power tools loved by many people.

So both companies are from the U.S. and have been in the industry for around the same time as well. The fact that they’ve stood the test of time is quite telling of their quality as a whole.

To make the comparison fair, let’s look at two items both companies offer and go from there. Today, we’ll be looking at their drill drivers and pipe wrenches.

Ridgid vs. Milwaukee: Drill Drivers

Ridgid vs. Milwaukee

Price-point wise, Ridgid’s tools are generally a bit more affordable than the Milwaukee ones. For a lot of people, this seals the deal. However, we also have to look at the quality. For the purpose of this article, let’s compare two similar products.

Both Ridgid and Milwaukee have a cordless, battery-powered, ½” drill driver. On the Ridgid vs. Milwaukee side of the ring, we have the R860052K, and Milwaukee has their 2606-20 M18. Price-wise, the Ridgid one definitely comes out on top.

Weight-wise, the Milwaukee one is lighter than the Ridgid drill driver. Normally people would want to buy a cordless tool for portability, so lighter is usually better. In this case, the Milwaukee one wins in this department.

When it comes to specs, the Milwaukee one also boasts a higher drill rotation speed than the Ridgid tool. The M18 goes up to 1,800 RPM while the R860052 can only go up to 1,500. Of course, faster isn’t always better when it comes to drilling. However, should you need the extra speed it is always good to have that ability on-hand.

Milwaukee also offers a longer limited warranty period of 5 years, while Ridgid only gives up to 3. While Milwaukee’s slightly pricier, it’s good that they also offer a longer warranty period to justify the few extra bucks spent.

Ridgid vs. Milwaukee: Pipe Wrenches

If Milwaukee started with power tools—drills, to be specific—Ridgid began with a pipe wrench. Let’s compare both brands’ pipe wrenches and see how they both fare on Ridgid’s home court.

From Ridgid, they offer the Heavy Duty Straight Pipe Wrench. They offer this specific wrench in different sizes. On the Milwaukee side, we’ll take their 18” Steel Pipe Wrench. They also have a 14” variant of the same pipe wrench.

Again, the Milwaukee wrench is lighter than the Ridgid one. However, they’re only 0.10 lbs. apart so it’s hardly a difference that can be felt. This will be a tie because weight-wise, they’ll probably just feel the same in your hand.

Ridgid’s wrench jaws are also replaceable and the threads are self-cleaning. Meanwhile, Milwaukee claims that their wrench jaws are hardened for a better grip. While ideally, it’s better to never have to replace your wrench jaws, it’s better to have that option available.

Yet again, the Ridgid wrench is slightly cheaper than the Milwaukee version. Both companies also offer a lifetime warranty for these wrenches, which is always good to have. This round goes to Ridgid.


Both brands offer similar products however there are just some things one can do better than the other. Milwaukee’s drill drivers can’t be beaten and Ridgid’s specialty is pipe wrenches. Other factors also come into play such as budget and tool capability.

Check whether the tool will be able to cater to your needs before buying it. Both brands assuredly produce high-quality products. So whether you buy from Ridgid or Milwaukee, it’s guaranteed to last.





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