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Top Reasons For Having a Roof Hatch | Why you need Roof Hatch?

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Looking to update a Roof Hatch? Ever consider installing a roof access door?

Have you taken a look at your building's Roof Hatch area lately and said to yourself, "This spot would be easier to get to if there was a roof hatch." We at Best Access Doors agree wholeheartedly. Any commercial building worth its salt needs a reliable roof hatch that lets building personnel and tenants access to the top of the building for one reason or another.

Just think of all the rooftop parties that could have taken place here. And it would be so much easier to maintain the building if the supervisor or repair crew can easily get to the rooftop quickly and efficiently.

So, why not just punch a hole on the roof and be done with it? As much as this may be appealing for its ease, wrapping that hole in a nice, shiny, sturdy and professionally made roof hatch makes everything better.

​We are sharing the benefits of a roof access door, because when it comes to renovating an ageing roof, sometimes the best way is to upgrade and update with new add-ons. An add-on that does so much and often is overlooked is a roof hatch.

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What is a Roof Hatch?

Roof Hatch

Roof Hatch

A roof hatch is a piece of hardware that is designed to provide safe, fast, and convenient access to the roof of a commercial or residential building. Combined with a ladder or staircase, roof hatches come in many sizes, but they are basically composed of a cover and box configuration placed over a rooftop opening. Let’s go over some of the quick benefits of having a roof hatch.


This can’t be stressed enough. Roof hatches are mostly seen installed on commercial and corporate buildings, but they can also be seen on some apartment and residential buildings.

Roof hatches provide a hassle-free, easy access to roof tops while providing convenient protection from the elements of exposure inherently present on wide open spaces such as the tops of buildings.


Roof Hatch


Whoever you may be to that building, accessing the roof without a properly installed roof hatch can create all sorts of problems. Roof hatches have locks and latches that seal out the elements. And if a roof hatch is sealed and locked shut, more than likely there’s a reason for that. Additionally, any attached ladders and handles provide an easy and stable entry or exit through a roof hatch opening.


Roof hatches add to the insulation of a roof top. Most good roof hatch products are thermally insulated to prevent the outside weather from coming in the building. Flooding is also prevented due to its raised position and how most roof hatch covers are gasketed and overlap over their frame.


Roof hatches are made with strong metal materials and are outfitted with a couple of locking options to ensure security for those inside the building.


Most good roof hatches are made out of galvanized steel, gasketed, and insulated against the elements with a variety of materials such as fiberglass or fiber board. Further aiding the durability of any good access door are the gasket material that keep moisture and gases out.

What kind of roof lasts the longest?

Slate, Metal, Steel, concrete, tile roof lasts longest ​because of the fact that these material are ​very strong compared to  asphalt, shingles, single ply. Actually Slate lasts 125 years, Metal lasts 100 years, so make your choice!

What Are the Different Shapes of Roofs?

1.    Gable Roof
2.    Pyramid Roof
3.    Shed Roof
4.    Flat Roof – most common
5.    Curved Roof

Benefits of a roof hatch?

Some major benefits of a roof hatch include:

Accessibility – roof hatches are typically used in commercial buildings; however, they can also be used in apartment buildings as well. With a roof hatch installed, it creates easy access to what is otherwise a hard to access space.

Insulation – while a roof hatch may concern some clients and contractors that it could jeopardize the insulation of the roof, roof hatches are actually fully thermally insulated. They are designed, based on the model and style, to be able to prevent any leaks and any unwanted infiltration from the outside.

Safety – contractor, builder or repairman, whatever your role may be, if you are looking to access a roof without a roof hatch it can be dangerous. With a roof hatch, there are special handles and latches which allow for easy opening and closing but more importantly, a roof hatch will often have a ladder or stairs attached to it.

​Material Selection

​The benefits of a roof hatch are made possible because of the material they are made with. Most roof hatches are made with strong and durable metal and are often insulated. Roof hatches that are not made with the highest standards of material can create issues down the road; however, a properly designed and selected roof hatch would be able to withstand even the extremist climates conditions. Whether that is hot or cold, a properly designed roof hatch can stand extreme exposures.

Contractors and builders know that with the installation of a roof hatch, it would not be designed or built with drywall, plaster or any material that could possibly retain moisture and result in mold or other harmful substances – both to the clients and to the overall structure.

​Going with a roof hatch

​To some clients, a roof hatch may not be important; however, consider all the functions that come with the investment and installation of a roof hatch. There are the overall functionality and accessibility to the roof, safety as well as, depending on the model and make, roof hatches are built to be fire resistant. For commercial properties, this can be a benefit and an investment in securing the safety and protection of their buildings.

​Roof hatches offer something that a typical roof can’t offer – versatility. At Best Access Doors, we offer a line of roof hatches that are suitable for any project or upgrade. Whether you are looking to increase your building’s roof functionality or to increase security and safety, a roof hatch is an investment that clients may not always consider.

Roof Hatches For Your Consideration

Choosing to go with a proper roof hatch is a great long-term investment. For some options and accessories, check out the lineup here that will no doubt offer you the most suitable roof hatch for any building.





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