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Proper Maintenance: How Often Should You Have Your Roof Inspected?

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Roof Inspection

roof maintenance

roof maintenance

Property owners choose a roofing design according to its benefits and heightened longevity. However, it is vital for the property owners to schedule roofing inspections to determine if the materials are damaged or if the roofing is failing. The signs of roofing damage are just the beginning. Property owners who want to follow proper roofing maintenance requirements discover how often they should get their roof inspected.

Annual Roofing Inspections

Annual roofing inspections are provided by most roofing contractors and don't present a cost for homeowners. The inspections help the property owner find any existing roofing damage and underlying issues that threaten the property. Some homeowner's insurance policies require the homeowner to schedule the annual inspections to lower the risk of more profound roofing damage.

If any damage is discovered, the property owner can contact their insurance provider to file a claim. The roofing contractor provides a damage report to send to the insurance provider for coverage. A complete estimate for repairs or replacement is included in the damage report. To learn more about scheduling annual roofing inspections, property owners can visit https://www.erieconstruction.com/ for further details now.

Roof insulation

Roofing insulation

After a Strong Storm

After a strong storm, it is beneficial to schedule a roofing inspection to determine if the storm caused any roofing damage or damaged any fixtures connecting to the roofing, such as gutters. If the roofing materials were compromised, the roofing contractors discuss the roofing damage with the property owner. The roofing contractors provide an estimate for roofing repair services. If the damage is more substantial, the roofing contractor provides an estimate for a complete roof replacement. If it isn't feasible to repair the roofing damage, the property owner can choose their preferred roof replacement according to their budgetary constraints.


When You Find Displaced Shingles

roof shingles

roof shingles

When you find displaced shingles, it is the first sign of roofing damage. If some time has passed since the shingle was displaced, the sub-roofing, soffit, and facade could be damaged, too. If the property owner finds any displaced roofing shingles, it is necessary for them to schedule an inspection immediately. Some roofing contractors provide a complete and thorough roofing inspection during their consultation.


When You Find a Ceiling Leak

When you find a ceiling leak, it is more likely that the roofing and attic are damaged, too. The property owner must schedule an inspection to find the origin of the leak and prevent further property damage. If water puddles on top of the ceiling, it is possible for the building materials to break and fall through. This increases the risk of personal injuries, structural damage, and possible damage to furniture and fixtures inside the home.

commercial roof

commercial roof

Any Sign of Mold Inside the Home

Any sign of mold in walls or the flooring could indicate roofing damage, too. Property owners who find mold in their home must take immediate action to find the origin of the mold development. It presents a serious health risk to the property owner and their family. It can also spread quickly throughout the property and damage the walls and flooring. Mold remediation services are necessary for removing it properly from the home.

Property owners who learn more about the signs of roofing damage can take immediate action to prevent additional damage. The first line of defense is to schedule a full inspection of the roofing at regular intervals. Property owners who learn how often they should schedule a roofing inspection protect their roof and home more proactively.



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