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Roof Inspections: Why It Is Best To Hire A Professional

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house roof

house roof

Roofs being a very important part of every building, it is mandatory for you as the property owner to keep your roofing systems in the best condition possible. Remember your roof provides protection against bad weather conditions and keeps your family or tenants safe throughout the year. Any damages to your roof put other elements of your property at risk of being destroyed as well.

When property owners experience problems with their roofs, many are tempted to try out that quick DIY fix they learned on YouTube, or call their neighbor who helped construct their dog's kennel. There are tons of Roofing repair tutorials on the internet, and some may work in certain instances, but there is also a huge chance that your roof won’t be fixed properly. The problem may even be worsened by your efforts. Check out this video on YouTube on mistakes you should avoid when replacing roofing shingles.

Most roof problems are best left for professionals to assess. Hire a licensed roof contractor to inspect your roof for any damages or leaks. It pays to spend that extra penny but protect your property from further destruction.

When Should You Inspect Your Roof?

Roofing inspections should be conducted at least twice every year, preferably during the fall and spring. Inspections conducted in extreme weather are not as effective and may prove to be difficult.

It is also a good idea to conduct roofing inspections after storms involving hail or high winds. Such occurrences often cause major damage to roofs. Heavy storms can damage even new roofing systems, so do not assume just because your roof is six months old that it's going to be fine. We highly recommend you read this article on signs of storm damage to your roof.



Regular inspections help you uncover minor damages before they become major issues that can call for the replacement of the whole roofing system, which is pretty expensive. It also helps prevent massive water damage to your house and the personal property in it.


Benefits of Hiring a Pro Roof Inspector

1. Relevant Roofing Inspection Experience

A professional inspector should have tons of experience when it comes to inspecting roofing systems. Even if yours is the first, a professional has undergone relevant training when it comes to dealing with cases similar to yours.

Roofing contractors have the relevant experience to conduct a proper inspection. They are keen to detail and would sight small problems and signs of early damage that you would miss if you were conducting the roofing inspection on your own. The beauty of realizing potential problems early is that you will avoid major problems in future that would cost you a lot more to repair.


2. The Right Roofing Inspection Tools

Many homeowners make the mistake of using any tool they lay their hands on so long as they can get the job done. Most of the time they use the wrong tools and risk getting harmed or damaging the roof in the process.

When you are working on your roof, safety is paramount. You should not go up the roof without taking safety precautions; a professional roof inspection cannot be taken from the ground. If you happen to fall from the roof, you can suffer significant injuries or even end up dying.

Every rational professional service provider strives to achieve customer satisfaction. Because of that, roofing professionals will make sure they use the appropriate tools for inspecting your roof. The inspector will know the right tool to use for the specific design of your roof, and in the prevailing climatic conditions. Some roofing professionals are more advanced and use drone technology for professional inspections.


3. Roofing Repair Skills

You decide to climb up your roof for periodic inspections and you discover some issues. Then what? You may still have to hire a professional to come and fix it. This is counterproductive!

professional repairing roof

professional repairing roof

Hiring a professional to inspect your roof means you are sending someone who is able to fix roofing problems as soon as they find it. If you were to do the repairs on your own, you probably don’t have the right tools. Secondly, you may end up causing further damages to the roof. Hiring a professional contractor ensures your roof repairs are done perfectly and promptly.


4. Fast and Highly Effective

Hiring a professional from a roofing company with a good reputation twice a year is much more effective than an average homeowner's monthly inspections. A professional is fast, thorough and precise. Their experience and training facilitate them to spot signs of damages quickly and efficiently.

If your inspection is conducted in time and with great precision, the homeowner can save thousands of dollars because of the early detection of roofing problems that may cost more in future if not repaired early.


Why Conduct a Roof Inspection Anyway?

You may be wondering why a comprehensive roof inspection is necessary. Professional roof inspectors look out for many things;

Regular weathering and aging

Roof inspections call attention to weathered sections and enable a homeowner to schedule maintenance on such areas.


Storm damage

High winds and hail can damage roofs. Immediate inspections help prevent further damage caused by water infiltration.


Determination of when the roof will need to be replaced

Roofs age with time, and at some point will need to be replaced. A roof inspection determines if it is time you did the replacement or if you should wait longer.


Determination of the integrity of the roof

Conducting an inspection on the roof allows homeowners to know how strong their roof is to withstand external elements. If need be, reinforcements may be added.

man repairing roof

man repairing roof

Hire A Professional for Your Roof Inspection

While most property owners may spot major damages to their roofs, professional inspectors will spot minor issues as well.

Do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with a professional roofing company on a regular basis. The professionals will inspect both the external and internal portions of your roof. They will also inspect your attic. Get the leaks and holes repaired. You will not regret it!



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