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Effective Ways To Safeguard The Purity Of Your Drinking Water

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sulfuric water

sulfuric water

Your body is made up of above 50% water. It goes without saying that without water, it would be impossible to maintain a stable body temperature, get rid of the waste in your body, as well as lubricating your joints. Water is, therefore, really important, and you can barely last a week without water and remain alive. Despite this obvious importance, you probably don’t put much thought into the water you drink. You may be just turn on a tap, or buy yourself bottled water. However, do you know how safe the water you get from your tap or bottles is? 

Drinking contaminated water can cause a lot of health issues. There are many ways to purify your water, ranging from simple solutions to using advanced technology such as water filters. It is not uncommon to find searches such as why Berkley is banned, because people are interested in settling on the most effective water purifying solutions. Here are some solutions that you could use to ensure that the water you are drinking is contaminants-free.

1. Water filters

In order to make water safe for drinking, many people are buying water filters. Water filters offer an advanced solution to cleaning water in the homes and are also quite simple and less labor-intensive. There are four main kinds of water filters. The first is the activated carbon filter, which is able to get rid of particular organic contaminants which alter the odor and taste of water. Some of these types of filter systems are even able to remove solvents, byproducts of chlorination, as well as metals such as lead or copper.

Another type is the ion exchange unit. This water filter utilizes activated alumina to remove water-hardening minerals such as magnesium and calcium. These filters usually combine this method with other methods, such as reverse osmosis or carbon absorption. The third kind of water filter is the reverse osmosis unit, which has carbon that can remove nitrates, sodium, petrochemicals, as well as pesticides from your water. The last type of water filter is the distillation unit, which boils the water and condenses the steam. This steam condenses into distilled water that you then drink. 

It is important to understand that there isn’t a single type of filter that can remove all the contaminants found in water. However, you should always maintain the filter that you go with to ensure it’s efficiency. Also get a certified lab to test your water type, before settling on a water filter.


2. Boiling your water

Boiling your water is an efficient way to purify it. Although this method may be time-intensive is well as fuel-consuming, it is a reliable way to ensure that you are taking clean water even if you cannot afford the more advanced solutions. The best way to use this method if you are doubtful of the water source is to first filter out solid particles. After filtering out the solid particles, you can then proceed to boil your water. Although it may not be pleasant to take hot water in summer, you can actually boil this water in advance then leave it to cool. That way, when you need to drink it a few hours later, it will be cool and refreshing.


3. Using iodine tablets, crystals or solution

Using iodine to purify your water is both effective and convenient. Because iodine is available as crystals, tablets, or a solution, you can choose to go with the option that suits your preference and budget. Iodine has the ability to kill any virus or bacteria in your water. Iodine is also lightweight and is a simple purifying method. In order to ensure that you get clean water, add iodine into your water thirty minutes before you take it. If anyone in your family is expectant, opt for another purifying method as iodine is not safe for expectant mothers.


4. Chlorine drops

Chlorine kills bacteria in water. Chlorine is lightweight, easily accessible, and quite affordable. Like in the case of iodine, you should also wait for thirty minutes before taking the water. Don’t use too much chlorine drops either as chlorine may be poisonous when overused.

These are some of the effective methods that you can use to ensure that your water is clean and safe for drinking.







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