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Self-Storage Versus Mobile Storage

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Storage Cleaning

Storage Cleaning

While choosing storage options, one may experience a variety of choices. Storage standard that fits the need has opted. Whether it be self-storage facilities or mobile storage units- which provide a level of convenience nowadays. What is the key difference between these two units? Both self-storage and mobile storage companies rent different sized rooms to store bits and pieces. However, mobile storage companies are one step ahead. They provide self-storage at your doorsteps. They bring the storage unit to you and will take it away and store it at their facility. They can also move the unit to another location or even across the country, as per requirement. Hence, it provides super easy storage to the customers. Some of the best storage Perth companies offer both of these services.

Key Differences

Both self-storage and mobile storage companies offer some of the same features in their units, but they also have notable differences.



Both offer diverse levels of security. A few self-storage units are in buildings with drive-up doors or outdoor lots with apportioned sections. A personal lock is provided. Most self-storage units are encompassed by a fence with a security door. A few self-storage units are housed in buildings that include an additional level of security by giving external security doors in addition to inner locks on each unit. A few companies give security guards, cameras, and onsite, 24-hour management. Mobile units are held inside a secure office when at the company. Whereas at your home, security features can include distinctive sorts of locks and diverse sorts of doors. A few of these are exceptionally advanced and extraordinarily outlined to ensure the protection of resources. Regularly, only you have got the key. Check with the storage provider you select for their particular security measures.


Price Needs

Self-storage and mobile storage companies have choices to fit distinctive cost/price needs. Costs for mobile storage will incorporate transportation expenses and gas costs. In case you plan to move, check to see how this compares to the cost of leasing a truck or mover. However, self-storage companies cut these types of expenses.



Mobile storage units are instantly available whereas at your home, but when they are at the storage office, you will ought to call ahead, maybe even give a day or two's take note. Units are stacked and may get to be moved for you to reach them. On the other hand, self-storage units are never as near as your driveway, but they can ordinarily be gotten to at any time once you drive there. Depending on the company, you can access your unit within set hours, or you can access it 24/7.


Available Sizes

Both storage units come in various sizes. You can rent a self-storage unit as small as a closet or big enough to hold your recreational vehicle. Mobile storage units can be small 5-feet by 8-feet metal containers or large ones that extend to 45-feet. Sizes vary from company to company and requirement too. Units are available in either a fenced-in complex or a building. One of the major benefits of mobile storage units is how they are available in a wide range of sizes depending on needs. Further, you can use these units in a variety of locations and for different purposes. Many facilities will also provide a climate-controlled unit if you have temperature-sensitive items.



Mobile storage firms come and collect things for you and store them safely. Because this saves the self-storage firm space, they are generally able to offer better prices. It also saves users the cost of a van for putting things into storage initially and collecting when the storage is no longer wanted. With traditional self-storage, one needs to do this himself. Mobile storage units are delivered directly to the location where items will be packed. This allows you to pack up your storage unit right from your original destination.



Self-storage and mobile storage both have their own pros and cons. Hence, choosing the optimal storage type will reduce headaches throughout the storage process. Finding a great storage company that provides support and guides toward the best solution is the best way to achieve storing peace of mind.







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