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Septic Tank Inspection Tips For New Home

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Septic inspections are critical for the health of all family members who live in your home; thus, owners must guarantee that septic systems are evaluated regularly. Because these systems are located underground, most individuals are unaware of them until something goes wrong.

Unwanted particles and wastewater from a building’s or facility’s plumbing system are disposed of and treated by septic pumping Greer. These materials are partially broken down in a septic tank before being separated from scum (grease, oil, and fat) and effluent (water).

Effluent remains in the tank regularly and is discharged into a drain field, where bacteria naturally treat it before entering the groundwater. Sludge and scum, on the other hand, should be pumped out regularly and kept away from the drain field.


Septic System Definition

Septic tank cleaning in homes, businesses, and facilities that do not have access to public sewers. A septic system is a significant financial commitment. A properly designed, constructed, and maintained septic system will provide years of low-cost, dependable service.

On the other hand, a failed septic system becomes a source of pollution, putting public health at risk. Furthermore, it can cause property damage and surface and groundwater pollution. It may also result in the spread of other diseases.

If your septic system ceases to function correctly, you must replace it as soon as possible, which can be very expensive. Furthermore, if you plan to sell your property, you must ensure that your septic system is in good operating order. As a result, you must always take proper care of your septic system.


Make contact with the vendor

Inquire about the home’s septic tank cleaning with the seller. To begin, determine the age of the system by requesting a copy of the county septic permit from the time the septic tank was erected. This permit should include the date of installation and the projected lifespan of the septic tank, which is usually between 25 and 30 years.

Next, inquire about the septic tank’s maintenance history with the seller. Have they had their septic tanks pumped regularly? As proof of this, request documents.


Look for Septic Trouble Signs

Even if you’re not familiar with septic tanks, simply looking around should reveal whether the system has been well-maintained or neglected over time. First, check all of the house’s plumbing appliances.

Listen for gurgling, bubbling, or popping sounds when running faucets. Turn on the shower and time how long it takes for the water to drain. Flush the toilet to see if the flush cycle is regular.

Check for sewage odours and patches of extra-green grass, as well as wet spots. If you find any indicators of septic problems within or outside the house, have an expert from septic pumping Greer investigate them further before proceeding with the purchase.


Septic Tank Service Appointments

Whether or not you find anything in your visual examination, it’s a good idea to involve a septic tank cleaning service firm in the house buying process. After all, a problem could grow in a matter of weeks or months and be impossible to notice without a professional inspection from septic pumping Greer.

This service includes thoroughly inspecting the septic system’s critical components, such as the tank interior, distribution lines, and drain field.

The examination results will disclose whether a septic tank repair or a total replacement is required shortly. Due to your negotiations, the seller may then be willing to pay for any necessary repairs or drop their asking price.



It’s usually better to call a professional septic service contractor when you’re having problems with your plumbing. Sometimes the risk isn’t worth the collateral damage. If you do need a septic contractor, Septic Connection LLC can help. For more information and exclusive deals, please visit our website.







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