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Should I Replace Or Repair My Lawnmower?

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repair lawnmower

repair lawnmower

Lawnmowers can last for as long as 7 to 10 years. Like any other machine, they last longer if they are well maintained. Lawnmower repairs can be easy and cheap. But some repairs may be too expensive. Suppose your lawnmower hits a rock or a tree stump? The shaft connecting the blades to the engine may bend. The repair could be so expensive, you may prefer to buy a new machine. Many lawnmower owners follow the 'three-year-rule'. That is, replace the lawnmower if the repair is very expensive and the machine is more than three years old. Manufacturer’s warranties generally don't cover a machine older than that. What you must do is to balance the lifespan of the machine with the repair cost.

Identifying the Problem

If you can identify the issue affecting the lawnmower's performance, that's very helpful indeed. It can make a difference between keeping and repairing or buying a new model. To identify the problem, you must be aware of what to check. Look out for the following points:

  1. Is the lawnmower unable to start?
  2. Is it vibrating loudly?
  3. Are the blades no longer cutting well?
  4. Does the machine lose power in mid-operation?

Issues with Different Types of Lawnmowers

  • Petrol-Powered Mowers: These have several parts you need to check. If the machine fails to start, there could be problems either with the spark plug, the carburettor or even the air filter.
  • Electric Mowers: The usual problem is the power cable. With time, the power cable can become frayed. That leads to power loss. If the mower fails to start, you may like to check the extension cable. You can check the machine with a different plug. If that doesn’t work, the machine might have blown a fuse, which you can replace.
repair lawn mower

repair lawn mower

Repair or Replace?

If you have a new house, you might need a new lawnmower. Suppose the size, shape or inclination of your lawn is different from what it was earlier? Or what if there are changes in your personal mobility? You may not be as young as you once were and you may not be able to move as you once did. This could mean that you need a self-mowing machine or a robotic lawnmower. This type of lawnmower is available today. It must be borne in mind that different lawnmowers suit different lawn types. That’s why it's very essential to use the appropriate model for your particular circumstances. Circumstances such as the situation of your lawn as well as your personal abilities. Other factors that affect your choice are the slope of your lawn and its inclination. A bigger garden may mean that an electric mower with cables is unsuitable. As we've mentioned, it also depends on whether you’d rather mow the lawn personally or remotely.


Keeping Your Old Lawnmower?

Sometimes, you can retain your old mower. If you can get the correct replacement parts, it’s possible, companies such as Cardiff Lawn and Garden offer trusted lawnmower repair parts. You may need to get particular replacement parts like cutting blades and lawnmower drive belts. This is a satisfactory solution for many people who would rather not part with their old lawnmower. Once the machine works well with those replacement parts, it’s all good. If the motor is working well and the replacement parts can be obtained with relative ease, everything is all right. Even then, one day, you'll find that the cost of replacing parts is becoming more expensive. Then it’s time to consider buying a new lawnmower.

repairing lawnmower

repairing lawnmower


Prevention is better than cure. This applies to lawnmower damage as much as it does to anything else. You can avoid damage to your lawnmower by looking after it. Points to keep in mind include:

  1. Remove petrol from your electric mower at the end of the grass-cutting season. Petrol that's left inside the lawnmower tank throughout the winter goes stale. This can be harmful to the engine.
  2. Battery-powered lawnmowers need particular care. Check that the connecting pins are in a clean condition to enable them to keep them working correctly.
  3. With electric mowers, you need to be on your guard about frayed cables. They are dangerous and bad for your lawnmower. Change the oil in petrol mowers every year to keep them at their best.
  4. Be careful where you store lawnmower components. Don't store batteries near metal containers like toolboxes. It can cause batteries to short-circuit. Extreme heat or cold degrades batteries, rendering them useless.
  5. Be sure to check that components like spark plugs are in a clean condition and aren’t burnt or worn out.
  6. Ensure the cleanliness of the ventilation slots. This keeps the machine efficient.
  7. Keep the underside of the lawnmower clean. This also keeps the mower efficient. The newly-chopped grass is easy to collect.
  8. Switch off the lawnmower and clean the blade after use. This will help prevent rusting and ensure cutting efficiency for the next use.
  9. Check the wheels and the fasteners regularly. Screws and bolts can become loose over time. This could cause serious problems if a piece falls off while the lawnmower is working. It can damage the mower deck. Here's a tip if you notice your lawnmower vibrating more loudly than usual. Tighten the blade bolt. This could help.


The Day Will Come

Care for your lawnmower from day one and it will serve you well for several years. Probably for many years beyond the maximum warranty time of three years. Familiarise yourself with your machine and you'll soon be an expert at looking after it. But remember, no lawnmower lasts forever. Yet if you care for it well, you can make it run efficiently for up to at least seven years. Maybe even ten years By maintaining your machine properly and knowing how to troubleshoot for problems, you'll save yourself both time and money. The day will come to buy a new lawnmower, but a lot later than it would have otherwise done.







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