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5 Signs You Need Professionals To Look At Removing And Installing Your Home Insulation 

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It’s no secret that installing insulation in your home can help keep your energy bills down and make your home more comfortable throughout the year. However, not everyone is comfortable installing insulation themselves.

If you’re not sure whether or not you need professionals to remove and install your home insulation, read on for 5 signs that it might be time to call in the experts and let them go with investigating and installing your home insulation!

However, before diving right straight into the juice, let us first visit your current insulation department and investigate its longevity as we go over each of them.


Overhaul your existing insulation method

There are various different forms of insulation available, each with a distinct lifespan. Because you’re likely to have many types of insulation put throughout your home, here’s a brief primer to the longevity of the most prevalent forms of insulation.


#1. Spray Polyurethane Foam

This is a comparatively recent approach to house insulation. While foam insulation comes in a variety of forms, the most popular is urethane foam that is injected into walls and ceilings. It performs by rapidly expanding and producing a tight seal and could be utilized to insulate new homes or to supplement existing fortification.

It is most effective when applied on minor fissures and cracks. Spray foam has a life expectancy of an entire lifetime or more. Because such is mold resilient and will not retain moisture, the bulk of citizens don’t have to repair it. However, inclement weather, insect infestation, or some conditions might jeopardize the performance of these spray foams.


#2. Cellulose Loose Filling

Loose filling, usually referred to as blown-in insulation, is a very prevalent form of insulation. It is composed of a range of different components, including cellulose, polymeric beads, perlite, and silica. Due to the malleable nature of it, it may be utilized in new or old homes.

While cellulose filling insulation is considered as the most eco – friendly way, it does deteriorate over time, having an average longevity of 10 – 20 years. With this in mind, look into it and know if it’s already the time to be installing your home insulation.


#3. Fiberglass blanketing

Fiberglass insulating material in a blanketing structure is the ideal type for new buildings and easily accessible locations, such as attics. Blanket insulation is available in rolls or sheets, making it simple to cut and place over junction boxes and pipelines. It is also a popular alternative for households due to its effectiveness and affordability.

Additionally, it has a lengthy lifespan — between 80 and 100 years. Having said that, insulation can begin to fall after 10 to 20 years, which may indicate that it may be time to replace it already.


Without further ado, here are five signs that tell you already need help from specialists in removing and installing your home insulation


#1. Drafty living space

As previously noted, gusts in your home may indicate that the insulation has deteriorated. When the winter wind howls at your house, the insulation acts as a barrier, shielding you from the wind’s frigid grasp. When portions of the insulation deteriorate, the winds might take advantage of your shield’s unexpected vulnerability, resulting in the pulling action discussed previously. The wind forces its entry through the opening, sucking heated air out from the home and replacing it with cold. The unevenness you sense is caused by this cooler air squeezing in and pushing your humid air out.

There is, however, no reason to fear if you experience a draft: they can be produced by a variety of spaces, not only insulation difficulties. Drafts can also be caused by improperly maintained windows and doors, so check them first before considering new insulation.


#2. Soaring of energy and utility expenses

If your expenses increase when the seasonal temperature drops, your insulation may not be keeping the heat in well enough. If poor insulation allows cold air to circulate, it causes a tugging effect, effectively drawing warm air from your home. When the cold draws humid air from your space, your heaters must work extra to ensure there is enough warmth to maintain the desired temperature.

As your heater runs continuously, it consumes more energy, which means you’re overspending. Even worse, using your furnace at that level of intensity consistently puts it through massive stress, which can shorten its life.

If you see an increase in your electricity bill, inspect your cellar and ceiling insulation. If it is worn, frail, or ruined, you may well have discovered why. From this, it might already be time to let the pros remove it and proceed with installing your home insulation.


#3. Pest and fungal invasion

If you already experience living with poor insulation, you recognize how significant the difference is. Unfortunately, pests such as squirrels, rodents, mice, flies, and bugs are just as appreciative of insulation. After all, they need to be warm as well. Bugs like chewing their way through house insulation. Once inside, they can construct a nest in your insulation compartment. They’ll crawl in, wreak havoc on the environment, and even produce eggs!

If you’ve recently experienced a pest problem, it’s critical to inspect your insulation completely for indications of degradation or deterioration. Examine the area for rips, tears, and puncture wounds, as well as excrement or animal filth such as grease or grime. Bear in mind that bugs may pass through narrower gaps than you would believe, so don’t overlook even the tiniest holes. You would not want to spend time and energy battling an invasion only to have larvae grow within your insulation!


#4. Icicle and dam problem

Although it may seem unusual, the very first step toward inspecting your insulation for the cold is to walk outside. Examine the roof, sheathing, window panels, and other components of your property that extends above the ground. Is there a significant amount of ice collecting on your property? Are they dangling on your house’s features? Compare the outside to that of a few of the neighboring homes.

If your residence appears to be frostier, it could be that your barrier is not effectively repelling cold. Such is a more frequent occurrence if your home is older. Consider contacting an expert for an energy assessment and for potential chances of installing your home insulation if the exteriors appear to be quite icy. Because the number of homes in a community are roughly the same age, if other houses seem to be icy, then the insulation may be outdated as well. 


#5. Faulty attic and crawlspace

Because heat rises, the key shield blocking the heat generated by your HVAC system from leaking outdoors is your attic insulation. It is therefore critical to ensure that such is densely packed, uniformly distributed, and functional. When insulation prevents heat from escaping, heat is forced to circulate throughout your home. That heat is what keeps you warm. When holes are present in the insulation, heat will escape and keep rising, all the way up to the top and out of your living space.

The floor should be the first element you inspect in the loft. If you could see the joints, or much worse, light filtering via holes and cracks in the flooring, further insulation is required. Insulating the floor of your cellar is the preferred approach to prepare it to function as the deterrent you require. If you store items here, try relocating some elsewhere to make room for insulating. While you do not need to remove everything from the attic, the greater area you can utilize, the more preferable.



And there it is! Five of the most common signs that you need to let the pros take over. Now as you know, insulation is a sometimes ignored yet vital element of your living area’s temperature regulating system. Investing in excellent, updated insulation will make your house more pleasant all year, while also saving you dollars.

If you’re curious to learn more about ways to improve the energy efficiency of your house in winter, visit iFoam. If you’re concerned about prospective heating difficulties, contact them immediately. These professionals will gladly assist you in ensuring that you have everything necessary to maintain your home’s warmth and comfort all the time. They are bound to remove your ruined barriers and proceed to installing your home insulation in no time!

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