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5 Signs Your Chimney Needs To Be Cleaned ASAP

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rooftop chimney

rooftop chimney


Cleaning is an essential activity to keep things operating smoothly, plain and simple. Chimneys need a proper cleaning schedule, otherwise it can negatively affect the basic workings of your home. Thankfully, chimneys have some tell-tale signs that let you know it’s time for a professional cleaning. Here is a list of the most common qualities that should tell you it’s time to clean your chimney.

Excessive Smoke Emission

One of the most obvious signs that indicate your chimney needs cleaning is when it emits an excess amount of smoke when the material is being burnt. This usually happens due to impediments in the chimney that restrict outward movement of smoke, usually due to soot in the chimney’s opening. This problem tends to disturb the healthy environment of your house and can pose a serious danger to occupants. This is usually a pretty obvious sign that your chimney is in serious need of a deep-cleaning.



Sometimes soot can accumulate inside a chimney and fall onto the floor below. This is an indicator that layers of soot have formed inside the chimney and require extraction. Thankfully, Soot is easy to clean. However, when it’s not cleaned quickly, it can lead towards the formation of creosote. Creosote is a gigantic pain to clean and can lead to a whole lot of headache in the future. That’s why it is imperative you clean your chimneys often to avoid this unwanted transformation.


Excessive Smell

Burning wood has moisture content and sap inside even when the wood is cured beforehand. When the wood burns, the moisture is combined with other chemicals to form Creosote. Creosote is a by-product of the burning process and it has a distinctively foul smell. This funky tar-like substance can creep up your chimney and condense there to form a thick layer. This layer can produce unpleasant smells and make the overall ambiance of the house quite unpleasant. Call your local chimney sweep and get it cleaned!


Birds Inside Chimney

Yes, birds in the chimney. It’s more common than you think. Sometimes birds and even small animals like rats can nestle inside your chimney. The list of negative implications this can have are obvious, but to expose a few. Animal and animal nests in your chimney can lead to potential fire hazards as well as clogg the outlet for smoke. This congestion can easily fill the house with smoke and create an unsafe environment for occupants. A quality chimney sweep can easily take care of issues like this so you never have to worry about animals making a home in your chimney.


Falling Debris

Sometimes remnants of the chimney can accumulate at the bottom of the fireplace. This is another obvious sign that your chimney needs cleaning. These remnants can sometimes be flue liner which is another sign that your chimney needs some repairs. If this is your situation, call your local chimney repair to get a thorough inspection.



While many of us put it off for as long as we can, cleaning your chimney yearly is a critical part of keeping your house functional and safe. We always prefer teaching people proper chimney cleaning strategies before the catastrophes happen, but we aren’t always so lucky. Do yourself a favor and schedule a chimney cleaning once a year. Put it on the books so you don’t forget!







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