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Simple Guide To Painting Behind A Toilet

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The aesthetic bathroom design includes evenly colored walls. Although every bathroom is unique, there are some common tricky spaces we tend to let by. The space between a toilet and the adjacent wall is one of these places. No matter which toilet you have, even if it is a wall-hung model, you still have to make sure that there are no visible unpainted spots. Painting behind a toilet is not that tricky procedure, and you can deal with it in no time. Follow these simple instructions which might help you to prepare for it beforehand.

Choosing the Paint

Before you start painting your bathroom, you have to make sure that you picked the right paint. There is a wide range of bathroom paints on the market. They look the same as any other paints but hold the color longer, can be easily washed, resist mildew and mold, and are perfect for places with high humidity.

It does not matter which color or shade you pick, as long as the pain is designed for bathroom walls. Pay attention to the fact that bathroom walls require cleaning from time to time. You can pick the color that hides the dirt until you clean it. The paint must hold all the washing procedures you perform to remove the dirt. The bigger you want your bathroom to appear, the lighter the shades you pick. If you have a big bathroom, you can adhere to dark colors.


Painting Equipment You Need

Make sure you have these tools before you start painting. If you don’t have them, you can buy them in the nearest hardware store or online. Follow the list:

  • Gloves, a mask, and old clothes you aren’t afraid to get dirty;
  • A plastic tarp, a painter’s tape, and a garbage bag;
  • A 4-inch paint roller with a handle;
  • The 1-inch paintbrush;
  • The paint of your choice.


Step-by-Step Instructions on Painting the Toilet

Don’t rush with painting the wall behind the toilet before you try the paint on anything else. Actually, experienced workers recommend leaving this spot as the last step. Here is the simple to follow instructions:

  1. Take the lid off the tank, if you can, and cover the tank. Make sure the tank is covered. If you are not sure whether the plastic tarp or bag will hold safely, use the painter’s tape to secure everything. Otherwise, you will have to wash the paint off the porcelain;
  2. You can mix the extender with the paint if you want. This is how to avoid roller marks or the strokes that the brush might leave. Use the latex extender for the water-based paint;
  3. Only a small brush or roller. It is ok to make several strokes if you need with a small brush. The best option for you is a 1-inch brush or 4-inch roller. Move little by little to paint the entire space. You can paint from the top to the bottom or side by side, depending on the space between the wall and the toilet;
  4. Remove the cover and let it dry. It is recommended to open the window or let the doors open for several hours until the paint dries out. Check the instructions on the paint.
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The Simplicity of Painting in a Bathroom

If you want to save money on professional workers, you can try this DIY method. It is simple and does not require reinstallation of the toilet. Pick the paint you want and move from one wall to another until you have only one bald space left. Afterward, follow the instructions above and paint the place behind the toilet to complete your bathroom design.







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