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Simple Safety Tips And Tricks For Angle Grinder Users

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An angle grinder is a versatile tool. Construction workers and contractors commonly use it, but in recent years, even homeowners have one. You can use them to cut, grind, and polish metal, even masonry.

If you’re considering buying one, we recommend visiting a trusted site on angle grinders. They’d surely provide you with reviews and recommendations to help you decide which make and model to buy.

When using an angle grinder, safety is one of the biggest concerns. Although it’s powerful, accidents could happen. It could inflict severe injury, resulting in hospitalization. However, there are many ways to prevent these things from happening.

In this article, we’ll give you tips and tricks on how you can safely use your angle grinder.


Use the Right Disc

As mentioned above, you can use your angle grinder for various purposes. You can grind metal, polish it, and even cut multiple materials, such as masonry and metal. You may need a specific type of disc to do all these things.

Not all discs are the same. The sizes vary, as well as their purpose. Even though they are all used for grinding, the material you’ll use them on will also matter. For instance, you can’t use an abrasive disc to cut masonry. Although it is durable, it may not withstand the toughness of bricks and tiles, so a cutting wheel for masonry is the best choice.

The size also matters. If you’re planning to use it on thick materials, it’s best to use thicker discs. On the other hand, it’ll also depend on your goal.


Always Wear Protection

Safety is a must when it comes to using angle grinders. Even professionals use protective gear to prevent any unnecessary incidents.

We recommend wearing protective eyeglasses to protect your eyes from sparks and debris. However, if you could get a full mask for your head, it would be better. This will prevent any debris from hitting your face.

Aside from head protection, wearing long sleeves and gloves are great ideas. It protects your body against sparks. When sparks and debris hit your body directly, it could result in burns. Although there is first aid for burns, it could affect our productivity as we have to deal with pain.


Set it up Correctly

One common mistake for newbies using an angle grinder is not setting up the device properly. Before you use the device, make sure that the disc is locked and secure. Imagine the disc spinning rapidly, but it’s not attached properly. The wheel could fly around, hitting your body or anywhere in the room.

Many makes and models have safety features, such as a fail-safe, which won’t turn on if the disc isn’t attached properly. We recommend practicing checking everything before using the device. It’s always a good habit to prioritize safety first.

This is the same thing after you use it. Make sure the disc is not hitting any surface in case it suddenly turns on.


Don’t Experiment

You can do many things with an angle grinder, but that doesn’t mean you should use it for something it’s not built for. Any tool has limits; this is the same thing for an angle grinder.

You might want to use it to grind a material that is not designed for the disc. It could work, but that doesn’t mean it’ll give you the best results. Perhaps it’ll damage your machine.

Not all angle grinders are the same; they depend on the make and model and its features. For example, if you’re going to use it to polish metal, you need to adjust the speed to low. However, not all grinders have adjustable speeds.

The best thing to do is to check the box or manual on what you can use it for.


Stay Away From Flammables

When you use your angle grinder, sparks and debris are everywhere. If you’re wearing protective gear, you won’t need to worry much about getting burned. However, that doesn’t mean the room is safe.

Your workstation probably has a lot of things that you use to get the job done. As mentioned, angle grinders produce sparks when used. When it hits any flammable material, it could result in burning your workstation.

One of the most common fire prevention tips is to always keep any flammable materials away from your workstation. Put any combustible items far from where you use your angle grinder.


Keep It Safe

Safety is crucial, especially when you’re doing the tasks yourself. Prioritizing safety will help you save money and feel more relaxed. It’s also good practice as you improve your skills in using an angle grinder.

Keep in mind that even professionals follow the basics when it comes to safety. They always wear protective gear, use the right disc for the job, set the device properly, and ensure that there are no flammable items.

Follow the simple tips above; they will keep you safe when using your grinder.







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