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10 Hacks and Ideas to Design a Small Bathroom

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Awesome Small Bathroom Ideas

Small Bathroom

Beautiful Bathroom

Nowadays, there are mostly small apartments are available with tiny bathrooms. So, decorating a less spacious bathroom is just so hilarious. So, I’m going to include 10 hacks and ideas to design a small bathroom. You can turn a small bathroom into an effective place with all of the essentials you need to be there.

Effective Ideas To Make The Small Bathroom Spacious:

Storage is an issue in every small apartment's bathroom. That can make life too complicated. Like if you don't get your stuff right by your hand when necessary, it can make your life worsen sometimes.

So, you can follow some of our creative ideas that can dig out some extra space in your bathroom.

1. Bring A Vanity:

Small Bathroom

Vanity Bathroom

Vanities are something so classy to look at and handy also at the same time for giving a great amount of functional space to store things into it. Else, many stylish, sleek, and versatile vanities come along with faucets or sinks. A bathroom vanity is one kind of small cabinet that can bring you many storage opportunities. You can store towels, makeup, clothes, and any other things in the cabinet. Else, it brings variation in the bathroom decoration.

Now, if you're thinking to get a vanity for a small bathroom then experthomemakers have some great choices you can look from this article.

2. Install High Shelf:

Shelves around the small room or bathroom consume a lot of space. When you're running out of storage, you can't afford to bring a shelf for keeping the bathroom-related belongings there. So, you can think of installing a shelf on the higher place of the bathroom. The best place I would recommend is the place above the door or if there is plenty of space is left unused in the bathroom.

3. Basket Shelf:

Baskets shelves are handy when you need to allocate toothbrushes, paste, beauty bottles, shaving stuff, and decorative things. Since the basket shelves are open-faced, you can easily see and take for using any stuff randomly. If you want to bring a charming look around the bathroom, you can even keep decorative belongings over the basket shelf and give a gorgeous look in the bathroom.

4. Get A Two In One Mirror:

Small Bathroom

How to install a bathroom light fixture without a junction box

The shelf behind the mirror is a trendy thing for smart people. If you're a small bathroom that needs to be transformed into a spacious place, then you can get dual a purpose mirror. That means you can use the shelf whenever needed and also the mirror is a good way to go.

5. Use Tension Rod:

Small Bathroom


The worst matter is to store cleaning stuff when you're running out of storage. You can forget this stress by installing a tension rod behind the bathroom door or under the sink. This will allow you to give easy access to the cleaning supplies. If you want to hang a storage basket in the rod, you can do that too using a S hook.

6. Transform The Shoe Organizer:

We all know a shoe organizer and almost most of us own it. You can transform the shoe organizer into a shower organizer. Since there are multiple pockets into the shoe organizer, you can store shampoo, gel, conditioner, foaming cloth, and many more. All you need is to make a hole and install a curtain hook and hang the shoe organizer into the hook. Some shoe organizers are just stuffing. So, make sure there are water drainage pockets into the organizer.

7. What About A Plant Holder?

Small Bathroom

Quartz Bathroom Countertops

A plant holder is something so handy when you're about to get it for a small bathroom. If you don't want to go for the basket shelf, then a plant holder is a way much effective thing. Plant holder would require less space than anything on the wall. You can put your daily bathroom necessary things into it. It also adds a stylish statement to your bathroom. To enhance the look of your bathroom, you can go for fixing the bathroom
wall panels
of your choice that matches your bathroom & entire appearance.

8. Bathroom Cart:

We all know a food carrying cart, right? Did you ever think to make it a bathroom storage cart? Well, that's so easy. You need to replace the foods and drinks and put clothes, soaps, and towels instead of. Don't keep the things randomly on the cart. The better way is to fold or roll the towels or other clothing stuff. It makes the cart enough spacious to keep a lot of things.

9. Adhesive Hooks:

Girls always love to do makeup or hair ironing in a private place. And that's why they always choose either their bedroom or bathroom. Did you ever get accidental burns from the hair iron? Well, once you're done ironing the hair, you must keep the iron in a safe place until it becomes cool.

For this kind case, you need to think of getting adhesive cooks inside the cabinet doors. In such away, you can keep the iron inside the adhesive hooks and there is no need to check again to see if it is still hot or not before you store it in its place.

10. Magnetic Strip:

Pins, safety pins, bobby pins, and all kinds of steel things are hard to store and manage to use them without hurting their fingers. Sometimes, you may get a cut from the pins while you're searching for the scissor from the same box. Otherwise, these tiny things are hard to find when necessary. We always end up losing tracking of them. So, how to get rid of this kind of situation?

A magnetic strip comes handy at that time. You can install a magnetic strip over any cabinet or wall. So, all the tiny steel stuff will adhere to the strip. And you can easily use whenever you need to use it.

Last Words:

After discussing 10 hacks to bring storage in the small bathroom, I bet you’ve chosen already which ones you are going to imply right away. Considering your requirement, budget, and choice you can go for the hacks which would satisfy you in the long run.





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