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What Kinds of Motorized Blinds Work for Smart Home Integration?

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A smart home is a property that has been equipped with smart technology to provide an automated environment. Users may use smartphones, tablets, laptops, watches, smart speakers (such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home), and smart TVs to operate their homes’ lights and other functions like smart appliances and security systems.

Today, we’ll look at the many sorts of Austin custom shade window coverings that smart home devices may manage, such as motorized shades, motorized blinds, Roman shades, and cellular shades. Before we get started, we’d just like to remind you that these motorized window coverings can all be operated manually or with a remote control, wall mount, or hand crank.

Smart Motorized Blinds

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Blinds that move on their own are called automated vertical blinds, and they’re driven by motors built into the wall behind them. Because the motors are located behind the blinds, your smart home gadgets must be in direct touch with these components in order for them to function when you press the “up” or “down” button on your smartphone.

Smart Motorized Shades

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Motorized blinds can move vertically up and down, but because their motors are within them, they usually don’t have a motor on the wall behind them. The smart home gadget you use to manage your smart home will connect directly with the motor that is within these window coverings and then transmit remote control commands from there to raise or lower your window covering. As a result, an Alexa-enabled hub, for example, may be needed since it may function as a repeater to enable smart home devices to talk with motorized shades.

Difference Between Blinds and Shades

In general, the terms “motorized shades” and “motorized blinds” are used interchangeably during conversation. However, since we have made the distinction, we’d just like to point out that technically, motorized blinds have horizontal slats while motorized shades are generally a unified piece of fabric. The most significant difference between these two types of motorized window coverings is that they include horizontal slats instead of vertical ones.

Smart Roman Shades

Roman shades are vertical-moving window coverings that function similarly to Venetian blinds, but they employ wires rather than strings. You can raise or lower your Roman shade by pressing a button on a panel near the shade and adjusting it from your smart mobile device. This method usually also allows you to tilt your window covering to adjust how much light enters through it.

Because smart home devices should have direct access to your blinds’ motor and cord-operating mechanism, smart home hubs are seldom required for this sort of smart home automation. They’re handy for voice control, and most people opt for them.

Smart Cellular Shades

Cellular shades, like Roman shades, are made of translucent fabric that is sandwiched between two layers. They’re also thicker and more insulating than Roman shades because of their internal honeycomb design. In addition to being able to raise and lower them by pushing wall-mounted buttons near the position, smart home technologies may send remote control signals straight to cellular blinds in order to change how much light enters a window. If your smart blinds’ motor has direct access to your smart blinds’ mechanism, a voice control smart home hub is not required for a smart blinds system.


Smart blinds and shades can be controlled by smart home platforms with direct access to the motor and cord-operating mechanism through remote control signals and voice commands. You simply connect your smart shades and blinds to your smart home hubs and devices in order to utilize these features.

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Motorized window coverings save time, energy, and money while also saving you from having to climb up and down ladders. Convenience, time savings, cost savings, privacy, and security are all benefits of motorized blinds. The future is now with smart home integration and remote management; blinds are just another little step toward making life simpler for homeowners.





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