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Socage In Tour 2024: Innovating High-Altitude Work

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The world of technology is in a constant state of flux, perpetually evolving and advancing to offer solutions that are not only more sophisticated but also more sustainable. Within the realm of aerial platforms, the “Socage in Tour 2024” event holds significant prominence as it serves as a platform to showcase the latest innovations in this sector, establishing a direct line of communication with customers and stakeholders alike. Let’s delve into the intricacies of this initiative and understand why it garners such eager anticipation.

The “Socage in Tour 2024” event is not merely a showcase of cutting-edge technology; it’s an immersive experience designed to connect industry professionals with Socage’s latest innovations. Attendees have the unique opportunity to interact directly with the forSte 19A SPEED and explore its features firsthand, gaining invaluable insights into its capabilities and applications.

Moreover, the tour serves as a platform for Socage to gather feedback from customers and stakeholders, enabling them to fine-tune their offerings and tailor their solutions to meet evolving market demands. This direct engagement fosters a sense of partnership and collaboration between Socage and its clientele, ultimately driving innovation and progress in the high-altitude work sector.

As participants embark on this journey of discovery, they not only witness the evolution of aerial platforms but also contribute to shaping its future trajectory. The “Socage in Tour 2024” isn’t just an event; it’s a testament to Socage’s commitment to advancing the industry and empowering its customers to reach new heights in their endeavors.


A Tour Focused on Strengthening Customer Relationships

The “Socage in Tour” transcends the boundaries of traditional product promotion. Originating six years ago as a viral marketing endeavor, its primary objective is to provide customers with hands-on experience and firsthand knowledge of Socage’s aerial platforms. This approach has fostered a direct and mutually beneficial dialogue with customers, enabling immediate feedback and a comprehensive understanding of market requirements.


Introducing the Star of the Show: forSte 19A SPEED

The spotlight of this year’s tour shines brightly on the brand-new forSte 19A SPEED. Following its debut at the GIS slated for next October, enthusiasts will have the opportunity to witness and test its capabilities firsthand across various regions of Italy from late October to April. Detailed schedules and locations will be disclosed in the upcoming weeks, allowing interested parties to plan their attendance accordingly.

Key Features of forSte 19A SPEED:

  • Self-Propelled: Mounted on the Piaggio Porter NP6, providing enhanced mobility.
  • Sustainability: Engineered with a combination of gasoline and GLP for eco-conscious operation.
  • Versatility: Equipped to operate in fully electric mode, facilitating usage in urban and indoor settings.


Environmental Implications:

The forSte 19A SPEED isn’t just a marvel of technology but also a champion of sustainability. Its hybrid engine, blending gasoline with LPG, delivers a range of 720 km, granting access to urban zones with stringent environmental regulations. Its defining feature lies in its ability to function entirely on electric power, offering an eco-friendly solution for environmental preservation. A significant stride forward in the realm of eco-conscious urban mobility and operational safety.

Exploring the forSte 19A SPEED presents an unmissable opportunity for industry professionals and technology aficionados alike. Intrigued to learn more? Seize the chance to participate in the “Socage in Tour” 2024 and immerse yourself in an unparalleled experience







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