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Soil Conditioners 101: Basics, Benefits, and Choosing the Best

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Soil Conditioners 101



Maintaining a good garden can be expensive. It requires time, resources, and attention. Among other things, you will be required to select the right location, take care of sun exposure, and space the plants. Even more, activities such as watering, pruning, and applying pesticides can be demanding. That’s why you should invest in a soil consider. With a soil conditioner, you have a solution to a myriad of gardening issues. This article will dig deep into soil conditioners, helping you get the basics right.

The Basics

By definition, a soil conditioner represents a premade mixture for enriching the soil. This makes the soil rich in nutrients, which helps the plants to grow healthy. Remember, growing plants on infertile soil will lead to poor harvest. It will lead to stunted plants. Modern soil conditioners come with the necessary nutrients that are easy to absorb.


How They Are Used

In most cases, you will be given a manual from the manufacturer of that soil conditioner. In the manual, there are detailed instructions on how to properly use the soil conditioner. Thus, check to ascertain the number of nutrients to include in the conditioner. You also need to get it right when it comes to mixing nutrients. Plus, the plants should be watered if you want the conditioner to work. Remember, watering will activate the conditioner. But you will water the plants only once.


Why Soil Conditioners?

Soil conditioners help plants to access various types of essential minerals easily. Plus, it helps plants to absorb water. This eliminates issues such as waterlogging. Also, the plant will immediately access the minerals provided that you have done proper watering. The rate of release of minerals by soil conditioner is slow and measured. Thus, the plant will benefit from soil conditioners by getting minerals for longer periods of time. Even more, soil conditions require minimal maintenance—making them cost-effective when it comes to growing healthy plants.


The Benefits

Here are a few ways a soli conditioner can help:

Improve Soil Structure

Soil conditioners are used to improve the structure of the soil. In most cases, the soil will compact with time. Consequently, soil compaction hinders the growth of roots, reduces the plant’s ability to absorb nutrients, and hinders the uptake of water. That’s where soil conditioners come in. With soil conditioners, you can effectively add loft into the soil. Plus, they help add more texture to your soil—making it looser. This improves the ability of the roots to absorb both nutrients and water. Plus, it helps the rot to grow faster.


Add Soil Nutrients

If you want to make your soil more nutritious to plants, invest in a soil conditioner. With a soil conditioner, you can effectively add materials like composite, clay, as well as peat to the soil to make it more nutritious. Also, these soil conditioners can add nutrients, carbon, and beneficial bacteria.


Boost Cation Exchange

One of the best ways to increase the soil’s cation exchange capacity (abbreviated as CEC) is by conducting extensive soil amendments. Remember, the soil is used as a storehouse for different essential plant nutrients. Soil possesses a natural ability to store certain nutrient groups such as cations. Calcium, hydrogen, and potassium are common types of cations. Others include sodium, ammonium, and magnesium. Soil cation capacity is defined as the total amount of these nutrients that soil can comfortably hold. When the CEC is higher, the negative charge is also higher. This means that there is more cation in the soil—which gives a plant an opportunity to get more nutrients. A soil conditioner is used to improve the cation exchange—which makes plants healthier.


Improves Water Retention

If your soil is dry and coarse, then invest in a soil conditioner. This is because soil conditioners can effectively improve your soil’s water retention capacity. Thus, if you want to improve the level of water retention in your soil, think soil conditioners. Soil conditioners are popular in areas with sandy soils. Also, soil conditioners can be used to control soil PH levels. So, depending on the PH requirements of the plants you intend to cultivate, you can use soil conditioners to achieve optimal PH levels.


Soil Rejuvenation

If you want to rejuvenate the soil and make it more fertile, then invest in soil conditioners. It adds nutrients into the soil—which can hugely benefit your crops. Remember, human activities have overworked the soil—making it more and more infertile. However, using a soil conditioner can bring back the nutrients and rejuvenate it.


Restores Microorganisms

Microorganisms are important when it comes to the growth of plants. They provide additional nutrients to the plants. With soil conditions, you have tools that can provide food to the microorganism—which helps in soil decomposition.


Increases Plant Disease Resistance

Yes! It’s true, Soil conditions improve the plant’s ability to resist diseases. They play a key role when it comes to roots nematode. Even more, they reduce infections in the soil.


Enhances Fertilizer Efficacy

You can also invest in soil conditioners to improve soil fertilize efficacy. Different plants require different amounts of fertilizers to achieve optional growth. When soil is properly conditioned, the effects of fertilizers is enhanced.


Application of Soil Conditioners

You can apply soil conditioners in several ways. While others can be worked into your soil (i.e. with the help of a tiller) prior to planting, others may be used after planting. Similarly, other types of soil conditioners are used periodically during the actual planting season. It’s important to conduct meticulous soil testing before using soil conditioners. Among other things, spoil testing will help you understand the soil texture and composition. If from this analysis that you will choose the type of conditioner to use. 


Selecting the Right Best Soil Conditioner

Finally, you have decided to invest in your garden. At least, you care about the environment and the beauty of your home. Even more, you will be getting fresh produce from the garden. However, to get the most out of your garden. It’s important to invest in the right soil conditioner. The following quick fact should lead you to the best soil conditioner for your garden.



Read past client reviews. Try to ascertain the quality of the conditions that company suppliers.



Get recommendations from experts. Soil experts will guide you in choosing the best soil conditioner.



Do research. Sample at least ten suppliers. Then ask questions.


The Bottom-Line

With the invention of soil conditioners, you can now do your gardening without any difficulties. With soli conditioners, things like watering and measuring soli nutrients won’t be an issue. Plus, soil conditioners come with a myriad of benefits. In a nutshell, soil conditioners have so much to offer. The above guide contains all you should know regarding the benefits of using soil conditioner. Invest in a good soil conditioner and do your gardening in style.







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