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7 Style Tips To Consider When Decorating Your Home

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Home is the only place where you spend most of your time. Happy moments, sad moments, and even those tiring moments after a long day at work or school always find you at home. That is why you should strive to decorate your home so that it is more accommodating to everyone. Whether kids, adults, or guests, everyone needs a place to help them eliminate stress and anxiety.

Decorating a home creates a background for the best life you could ever have. It doesn't matter whether you are an interior designer or not, but there are DIY tips that can spruce up your home. Everyone's dream is to have a beautiful home such as those that appear on the magazine covers. Even though it doesn't appear in one, it brings the joy of a beautiful and welcoming home.

1. Play around with colours

It is not a must that your rooms have one colour. Playing around with colours gives your rooms more warmth. Use light colours for the walls and a darker shade for the ceiling. Dark shades on the ceilings create an illusion of higher ceilings. Colours such as beige & grey on the walls bring brightness to the rooms and help them feel larger. You could also try matching the colour of your walls to that of your furniture so that everything flows well.


2. Have mirrors in every room

Mirrors do not just give the reflection of light, but they also provide the illusion of space. Small mirrors are used as incredible decorations. For example, you could decorate a small round mirror by using a rope frame. Framed mirrors give a house a luxurious and elegant look as well. It is, therefore, a great idea to have at least one mirror for a standard room and various mirrors in big rooms.


3. Mount artwork and frames on your walls

Don't leave your walls bare. You can bring a better look to them by having artwork and wall hangings. You can decide to have your family photos, paintings, drawings, sculptures, or framed canvas art on your walls. Ensure that they match your home theme. Sometimes the artwork like these on our walls speaks thousands about the things you love. For example, if you ever visited Africa and loved the culture, you could bring home an art painting that talks about African culture. You can even buy online the best motivational art paintings from motiv-art.com as they provide the best services all over the world.


4. Scale your lighting

Lighting is one thing that contributes to the decoration of a home. First things first, there should be a good source of natural light. You can achieve this by having expansive windows and ensuring that they are positioned strategically to illuminate the light into the house. Most people do not know that there should be three types of light in every room.

  • Task or work lights- this is the light used when working on something. It could be above the kitchen's working table or above the table in the study room.
  • Accent lights- accent lights are used for decorative purposes. They could be used as artwork or as highlights in the house.
  • Ambient light – ambient lights are usually in the ceiling, and their main job is to illuminate the room.


5. Incorporate indoor plants

The presence of indoor plants gives your home a relaxed and happy ambience. They help in bringing the natural outside look indoors. That allows you to ease your tension, anxiety, and stress, making you work and sleep better. Again, they produce the oxygen you need for survival and consume carbon dioxide, which is unfit for humans. Some indoor plants are repellents to bugs and insects such as mosquitoes.


6. Hang your drapes and curtains closer to the ceiling


When you hang your curtains from up above, closer to the roof to the floor, you create the illusion of a bigger room and oversized windows. You can also make unique curtain rods to give your home a natural and creative look. At Bumble Bee Blinds in Omaha, NE, they offer a wide range of options to help you achieve this effect. Remember, your curtains do not have to be dull; you can always brighten up the room with warm colors. Additionally, you can select creative and unique curtain ties that will make your curtains more attractive.


7. Look into your arrangement

Don't make your house look so sophisticated. Your furniture doesn't need to be close to the walls. You can choose an arrangement that communicates well with your home. It would be best to distribute the furniture throughout the room other than having them clattered in one place. You could also incorporate rugs on the stepping areas below your seats.


Bottom line

With these tips, you get the guarantee to have the home of your dreams. They are not exhaustive because the home decoration is an art where new ideas flow every other day.







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