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7 Summer Pest Control Tips You Should Know

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7 Summer Pest Control Tips You Should Kn

Household pests are a perennial problem, and they tend to come out in the summer! Whether you are a town or city dweller or live in a more remote location the problem remains the same. Pests will get into your house, so what can you do to make it less inviting for them?

The most common pests in the USA are rodents – rats and mice – plus cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, and termites. The problem is all of these – and the many more potential pests – breed very quickly and the environment in your home is perfect for them!

We have put together a list of seven tips that you can follow to help keep pests out of your home this summer and how to eradicate them should you have a current pest infestation. So, let’s get started!


Get Expert Advice

Our first tip is one that you may have already considered: call in the experts for help and advice. A good example of such a business is Majestic Pest Control of Melville who will be happy to help eradicate pests and also advise you on how to pest-proof your home.

There are some pests that are notoriously difficult to eradicate and protect against, and while there are off-the-shelf products available, some are not as effective as they claim to be. The professionals will be able to use the right methods to get rid of your unwanted guests, and also help you ensure your home is the least inviting for them.

So, if you think you have a pest problem, call the professionals in even if just for advice.


Know Your Pests!

There are tell-tale signs of different pests, and it can be helpful to know what to look for. With rodents, for example, you will see their droppings on the floor and other surfaces (mouse droppings resemble coffee grounds, for example) and also any packet food may be chewed open. Also look for chewed electrical cables, which can cause a serious safety problem.

Cockroaches you will spot by perhaps seeing one scuttling across the floor – ants you will also notice scouring surfaces for food – while termites are likely to build a nest in your yard which you will certainly recognize. Bedbugs can be difficult to spot but the signs are obvious. Bedbugs feed on your blood while you sleep, so if you have tiny itchy bite marks, you are pretty much certain to have bugs.

Now that we’ve given some identifying factors, let’s talk about a few preventative measures you can take.


Never Leave Waste Food on Surfaces

Bugs come into your home seeking two primary needs: warmth, and food. It’s all too easy to leave plates with waste food lying around or put it in a bin that is not covered. This is asking them to join you! Make sure that all waste food goes in an outdoor sealed bin, that all surfaces where food has been prepared are wiped clean, and that all crockery that may bear traces is put in the dishwasher or washed by hand.

Furthermore, food in your larder should not be left in bags or packets but put into sealed containers or jars. Mice and rats will easily rip open a packet and that food is then unusable. By ensuring food is not readily available you have done your bit to deter pests.


Wash Bed Linen Thoroughly

Bed bugs are a problem that you need sorting quickly. Bed bugs in the home is not a sign of a dirty house. They have become ubiquitous recently and breed very quickly. If you have a serious infestation, you will need the professionals to deal with it.

If you think you have bed bugs you need to wash all bed linen thoroughly and do this regularly. It may be a chore, but unfortunately it is the only way to ensure your bedroom is free of bugs.


Make Sure Waste Bins are Sealed

We’ve mentioned this one already so just to touch on it again; if you have waste bins indoors or outdoors, always make sure they can be and are tightly sealed. Pests will root through bins for food, and you’ll be surprised how easily they get into them. Double check and be sure.


Check the House for Cracks and Entry Points

This is an important piece of advice that we simply have to put on this list: cracks in woodwork, in brickwork, anywhere on your home are an invitation to pests. You will be surprised how small a gap a mouse, for example, can get through.

You will need to survey your house carefully and fill all the holes with solid filling. But, and it’s inevitable, you will miss some. Air bricks are another route into the house. Cover these with fine mesh and make sure you have found them all.

If you are a household that leaves doors open fit a net to the door to keep insects out. It will take time to do this job but believe us when we say it will make a difference.

Now, imagine you’ve tried shop-bought products and they haven’t worked, and you’ve followed all the tips above and still see the signs of pests in your home. There is only one option left, and that’s to get the experts in.


Call in the Professionals

A professional pest control company will use the best methods and tools to ensure that your infestation of pests is dealt with. They will also help you seal gaps and recommend appropriate changes to how you go about your daily life. Pests are inevitable and can be difficult to eradicate, but with professional help you will get the best results.


Final Word

We hope that the above tips have given you a starting point from where you can begin to pest proof your home. There are plenty sources of information regarding pests and how to get rid of them online, so have a look now and get rid of those unwanted visitors once and for all.







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