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The Advantages Of Having Storage Space Under The Stairs

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The space under the stairs is one of the most underutilized areas in a lot of homes. While some people simply drop a couple of old or unused items under them, others do not use them at all. Below are some of the advantages of having storage space under your stairs, detailing how you can utilize it.


  • Make An Office Space: Remote work is the order of the day, everywhere around the world. With that being said, a lot of individuals struggle to find space for a home office, having to convert a portion of their bedroom to a work area. You can utilize the space under your stairs by turning it to that home office that you need. With a home office located under the stairs, you get to enjoy privacy when you need to work as well as serenity from regular household noise. Additionally, setting up an office in the storage space under your stairs is quite easy and straightforward. All you need is a work desk, a comfortable office chair, proper lighting, and your devices.


  • Use It As A Pantry: Regarded as the workshop of the home, the kitchen is one of those spaces that never seem big enough. This is because a lot of food items, utensils, and electronic devices are stored in the kitchen. Mobility is required while working in the kitchen so the lack of space will always pose a problem. The space under your stairs can save you the stress, and help you make cooking fun and comfortable again. You can convert the space into a pantry for storing food items and ingredients. All you need to do is to set up cupboards and shelves in the space, and you can move out stuff from the kitchen to the pantry. Before converting the space under your stairs, you must ensure that your balustrade designs are strong and firm, to give your pantry durability.


  • Shoe Storage: One of the major causes of clutter in bedrooms are shoes. A room can appear much smaller than it, as a result of shoes laying around everywhere. If you do not have enough space in your room for shoes, storing them under the stairs is a great alternative. Storing your shoes under the stairs is cost-effective as you only need a shoe rack.


  • Pet Den: For animal lovers, the space under the stairs can serve as a den for your pet. These spaces are usually very cozy making them very comfortable for small animals. Your small dogs and cats are sure to enjoy living under the stairs. All you need to do is set up space with a small bed for their comfort.



You can also use the space under your stairs as a closet for your clothes. The options for this space are limitless, however, you must ensure that it does not affect the structure of the home. Keep it safe and you can be sure to enjoy your newly utilized space.