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The Beauty Of Polyester Pop Up Tent Is Hard To Miss

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Camping Tents

Camping Tents

Whenever price point is the main consideration to address with tents and you want the best item to last long and without burning a hole in the pocket, then polyester is the option that you might want to deal with. Polyester is one such material, which has enjoyed a bit of the renaissance quite recently. You can see some perfect advancement in the field of high-end polyester these days, especially the ones, which are light in weight at the end of the spectrum.

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With the help of some science factors and modern technologies, there has been one improved version of strength to weight ratio with the polyester pop up tent these days. While you still use the power of nylon in tents, polyester has its share of advantages, which will make it one appealing option for majority of the applications. Recently, this material is seriously gaining quite some widespread among the masses. So, you might want to try one out on your own!

Known for its tear strength:

Polyester is usually known to have lower tear strength whenever compared to some of the similar weight nylons. For procuring the comparable strength to the nylon, the designers are often choosing to work with the thicker and heavier polyester.

  • But, the new versions of the polyester textiles will have some of the improved strength over the older options. They are gaining high popularity among people why are looking for tents for their light in weight.
  • Polyester has become quite popular in light in weight tarp and the mid-style shelters. Here, the fabric won’ remain under a lot of stress as it can be with the traditional tents.
  • You have the liberty to test out some of the light weighted polyester materials for determine the difference you can expect to make between this material and nylon of the same weight.


Now for the stability part:

Polyester is noted to have quite less stretch when compared to nylon. Even the flies made using polyester can pitch well in terms of stability. This is mainly true in the wet or humid conditions, where the absorption power of nylon can lead to that saggy flysheet and will make it difficult to pitch the tent.


For the UV resistance:

When compared to nylon, polyester is noted to be more UV resistant. So, if you are currently planning to buy a tent, which you will use for hiking during morning times, then polyester pop up tents might be the ones for you to consider. As the tents won’t get hampered due to harsh UV rays, you can put them up during day time when you are super tired of walking and need some rest.

Some research states that you can check out the features of the polyester fabric materials and then opt for the tent, if you are up for it. In case you are looking for somewhat durable pop up tent for smaller hikes and adventures, then polyester is a good choice.



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