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The Best Bikes For Commuting To Work

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When you need a ride that can get you to work and back, you need to buy electric bike online. Explore the features to look for in a quality commuting ride today and find out where you can order one. Ditch the rush hour stress with a fast, comfortable and dependable two-wheeled ride.

Comfortable Cruisers

Fast-paced city bikes may get you to work in time, but there’s nothing like a cruiser for a comfortable ride. Many commuters are switching to beach cruiser frame designs for their ride. These bikes have a stylish look, comfortable seat and a riding position that is great for powering down city streets or casually cruising beachside routes.

While this design was originally created for leisurely rides, an electric motor can help you get to work on time. You don’t have to ride like a professional racer to avoid being late when you have a high-powered electric motor assisting you or powering your bike for you.


High-Speed Electric Bikes

Shave minutes off your commute with an electric bike for commuting. These high-tech rides use a dependable battery, a powerful motor and a classic bicycle design to keep you moving forward. An electric motor and pedal assist mode allows you to travel at speeds up to 24 miles per hour. If you want to arrive at work without breaking a sweat, switch to full electric mode and enjoy speeds of 15 miles per hour.

Compare electric bikes carefully to find one for your commuting situation. Depending on the setting and wattage of the battery you choose, your battery can last between 15 and 60 miles. When you select a 500 watt battery, you can cruise up to 30 miles to work and back on a single battery charge.


Dependable Designs

Compare frame materials and designs for the best commuter for your situation. Unless you slept through your alarm, your commute shouldn’t feel like a race. Select a frame design that fits your body and reduces stress on your joints.

An ergonomic design reduces pressure on your knees, back and other areas. This allows you to enjoy your commute and arrive at work ready for the work day, not exhausted and in pain. Compare pedal positions, riding positions and frame designs to see how you can keep your commute comfortable.

Bike ergonomics are highly personal. What is a perfect fit for one rider will be far too large, small or unusual for another. Find out how you can shop for bikes based on your body type for a personalized ride. For some companies, selecting the bike color is as personalized as it gets. Order a commuter from a company committed to personal comfort and ergonomic riding for all types of riders.


Shop for a Commuter Today

Don’t just arrive at work; create an enjoyable commute with an electric beach cruiser. Compare wattages, designs and colors to find a commuter that fits your body type and personality. Find out how you can save money and reduce the pain and effort of your daily commute with an electric bike from a leading manufacturer.


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