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All You Need to Know: How The Capacity of A Water Heater Is Measured In?

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Do you know how the capacity of a water heater is measured in and other things you need to consider? If you are planning to invest in a water heater, you should know the answer to the said query. But ironically, even those that have water heaters already know a little about this aspect.

Notably, water heaters come in different types. Depending on their intended application and features, the size of these devices can vary. Of course, different sizes mean that their capacity differs, too. We can say that on demand electric water heaters that are for home use have small size while those for commercial establishments are large.

Moreover, the capacity of the water heater also indicates its price. We have to give in to the fact that commercial-grade water heaters are not easy to access, especially those that are for industrial and commercial buildings. Regardless of your choice, it is still essential that you know the capacity of the water heater. Otherwise, you might not be able to get the right water for your needs.

The Capacity of A Water Heater Is Measured In

The Capacity of A Water Heater Is Measured In

Before anyone can determine the capacity of the water heater, you have to understand its means of measurement first. Of course, this is an obvious step to create a standardized assessment of the total load that a water heater can take. ​You can also checkout some awesome review about tankless heater at smartwheater.com

Measuring the capacity of a water heater can be done in two ways. Somehow, this depends on the measuring system that your country is using. For instance, in the United States, they use "gallons" in the measurement of their water heater. That is because the United States implements the metric system. Meanwhile, countries that are utilizing the imperial system or the British Imperial have their water heaters measured in liters.

But either way, these form of measurements are correct. You can even have the freedom to convert the units to your preferred measuring system. There are a lot of conversion calculators sprawling on the internet today that you can use for conversion. There is no need anymore to wreck your brain if you are not good at doing arithmetic

Determining the Capacity of Your Water Heater

The Capacity of A Water Heater Is Measured In

This process is simple. But a lot of folks tend to ignore or oversee this step. If you are responsible and practical enough, you should be able to determine the water heater's capacity even before you purchase it. And don't worry about anything here. You can always check the labels affixed to the water heater. Somewhere there, you can find the figures that you are looking for in the process. 

If you want to know the rest of the specifications of the water heater, just see its manual. Manufacturers may have listed everything there, from the power requirements down to the maintenance procedure. 

What Size of Water Heater Should You Get

Now, the next thing that you should get right is the size of the water that you should invest. Apparently, there are drawbacks if you can't get the appropriate water heater for your home or building. If you pick a water heater that is too small, you won't get enough warm water to sustain your operations. On the other hand, a large water heater is the safest choice. But if it exceeds your requirements, it might eat up too much power and cause a sudden spike in your electricity bill.

The Capacity of A Water Heater Is Measured In

Do you want to avoid these predicaments? Then you should consider the following factors before buying.

Your Space

Of course, you should not get a water heater that won't fit anywhere in your building. It would be sore in the eye if you will just let the device become exposed without proper storage for installation. There is no need for me to mention that you should only get a low water heater if the spacing of your house or establishment is minimal. They are typically cheaper compared to high water heaters, but they do lack the height.

Luckily, this inadequacy can get compensated by the width of their body. You can easily install it under your cabinets or spaces with restricted headroom. Small water heaters usually have the capacity of around 40 to 50 gallons. Convert it to liter, and you can get a water heater with a capacity of 151  to 189 gallons.

On the flipside, you should only get a high water heater if your establishment has large spaces that you can utilize. Typically, water heaters have a height of 76 inches. Meanwhile, they can contain around 100 gallons or more of water at a time. If you have a basement or garage that doesn't have too much clutter, large water heaters are the best choice.

Your Needs

You can identify the size of water heater that you are going to get by assessing your daily water consumption. That sounds difficult, right? However, there is a way that you can estimate or determine the usage of water depending on the number of persons that you are catering. You could also analyze the water usage by looking at the peak hours.

For example, you can say that morning is the time where the water usage is the highest. People are using the bath simultaneously during this period, so there is nothing about this that should surprise you. Moreover, your washing machine and dishwasher operates during the day. Therefore, the peak of water usage is always around 7 am to 10 am. But of course, this period can either be curtailed or extended, depending on you.

Now, you should also determine the water being used by each person in your house. I made an estimate that you can follow.

  • Shower - 10 gallons per individual
  • Laundry - 30 - 40 gallons per usage
  • Dishwasher - 15 - 20 gallons per usage

You can use these figures to make some calculations to determine the size of water heater that you should get. The values that I listed here may not reflect your daily requirements. However, they can already serve as a baseline.


The information I presented here is some of the essential considerations that you should take before you invest in a water heater. But aside from knowing the capacity and size of the device, make sure that you also inspect its overall build and quality. You don't want to end up with a flimsy water heater, right?

Do you have questions or suggestions? Feel free to tell me in the comment section below. Also, don't forget to hit the like, share, and subscribe, too! 





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