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The dangers and effects of flood damage

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Floods can be devastating. They are a constant threat to both land and people. Whatever comes in the way of the flood is either taken away or left with massive internal and external damage. Such incident not only affects as financially but also have an ever-lasting impact on our life. They also spread several water-borne diseases.  
According to FEMA, flood is one of the significant disasters that hits the United States every year and has caused around $2.4 billion worth of damage every year for the past decade. 
If steps are taken immediately within the first 24- 48 hours, then we can reduce damage. But the situation is of panic, so you may not understand what step should be taken. We need to understand the severity of a flood and how we should tackle it. This blog highlights the dangers, effect and how you should tackle the surge.

1)The possibility of cracks in the foundation

Flood comprises water, thunderstorm, and rain. The standing water may take a much longer time to evaporate, and thus a large amount of it may seep into the soil. The excess water may develop a crack in the concrete slab of your house as the water may lead to the lifting of the slab, causing damage to it.
This slab shifting can cause damage to the pipes, sagging of the roof or crack in the wall. If the water is ample, it may even float the foundation, and the structure can collapse at any point in time. 
Wait for the restoration professional to carry the assessment and then enter the premises. 

2) Chances of Structural Damages:

A flood can be mighty, and thus they take away everything in their way. If your area has recently been affected by the flood, you must check your house for both internal and external damages.
A flood can cause cracks in the walls, ceilings and break the windows and doors. It is not safe for you to enter the premises until all these things are taken care of, as the structure may collapse if the damage is massive. Many times, these cracks and injuries are not visible from the outside. Thus they may require specialized assessment using equipment that can scan the internal structure.
You should hire a professional flood clean-up service as they have such equipment and inform you about the possible damages and rectify them if any damage is there. 

3) Damage to the furniture

Flood water comprises sewage, debris, sticks, leaves, waste, mud, and many bacteria and fungi. It also contains biohazards. Flood water may affect the furnishing, flooring, and cleaning.
Since most of these substances are porous and can soak water in them, the water contains so many contaminants. Thus, you may not be able to use such furniture again as they can cause several infections; if such items have been in the water for more than 24 hours, then there are the most negligible chances that you can use them again, and you need to replace it with a new one. 
Carpeting and the drywall are also destroyed by water if they are underwater for a long time, and your flooring may even start to come out. The only solution is a replacement. Do not save these items at the expense of your health. They can cause skin, nasal, stomach related infections. 

Last few words!

A flood can be dangerous, and you should not take a drastic step as it can be life-threatening. You need to be patient throughout the process. Do not enter the premises until all the assessment is done and the structure is deemed safe. You should restore the system adequately.
The process includes drying out the place, purchasing new furniture, reinstalling electricity, gas pipelines, and the list goes on. You need to be patient throughout the process. You must also hire a good flood clean-up services which can be of great help as they can handle all the matters for you.