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The Front Yard vs. The Backyard: Where To Spend Your Outdoor Renovation Budget

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Maintaining two yards can be time-consuming; the same goes for deciding where to spend your renovation budget. Should you sink more money into the entrance of your home to increase its curb appeal, or concentrate your efforts in the backyard, where your friends and family can enjoy a private party? Renovations can be costly; you want to make an informed choice that will effectively improve your home’s exterior and substantially increase its value. To help you decide where your money should go, we have compared the different advantages of investing in your front yard vs. your backyard.


Before you begin the landscaping process, assess which areas of your property need the most work. Every home is different; each yard poses unique challenges depending on the climate of where you live and the damage your house has endured. As such, adjust your budget according to which areas need the most extensive renovations. It can be tempting to cut costs by selecting the least expensive options, but consider that home improvement is an investment; by overhauling your front and back yards, you will also be raising the value of your home. Cheap fixes won’t last and will cost you more in maintenance down the road.


The entrance of your home is defined by your driveway; it’s what leads up to your front door and sets the stage for the rest of your property. Choosing to renovate the arrival area of your home can involve repaving your driveway and lining it with plants, trees, or shrubs. Adding outdoor lights will illuminate your front yard at nighttime, creating an inviting look. Investing in more greenery will give your home a natural appeal - better yet, by planting more trees, you will create a canopy of privacy. Revitalize your grass and restore its green glory by sodding your lawn. The front yard is what people see first when they view your property; by decorating it with a well-defined driveway surrounded by lights, flowers, and lush grass, you will reward their attention.


Backyards are the perfect place for barbecuing, gardening, and most importantly, swimming. If your pool is leaking or looking worse for wear, it may be time for a pool renovation. Part of your backyard budget can go toward revamping the look of your pool. Now that summer is here, your pool will be getting more use - why not freshen it up by replacing your vinyl liner? It will preserve the lifespan of your pool and improve the look of your entire backyard. Dedicate a portion of your renovation budget to pool repairs so that you can enjoy this summer to its fullest.


If you have a porch, purchasing new decorations and chairs will refresh your outdoor seating space; enhance your front yard by investing in patio furniture. Perhaps your porch needs a new screen or windows; spending more for these fixes will boost the value of your property. Creating a picturesque front yard that includes a stylish patio will show potential buyers that you take good care of both the exterior and interior of your home.


A steep but worthwhile cost for renovations is building a wood deck for your backyard. It will create new space for you to host outdoor parties, cook, or lounge in the sun. Essentially, it adds a whole new room to your house. A well-built deck can support a hot tub or recreational space. Building walls or a roof can make it feel more enclosed and intimate; it can also help block out the sun. For the green space in your backyard, consider adding a fire pit - it’s a great way to bring the family together to roast marshmallows or cook hot dogs.


Create the right first impression by choosing to repaint the exterior of your home. In general, house paint lasts between seven to ten years, but harsh climates can cause more damage. Renovating your front yard will dramatically increase the curb appeal - one way you can spend your budget is by hiring a painting company to revamp your home’s exterior, from wood siding to stucco. For a front and center renovation, select new paint colors that are harmonious and stylish; it will improve the appearance of your entire front yard. A dramatic way to renovate is by repainting your house; you’ll catch the eyes of all your neighbors and onlookers.


Consider balancing your budget between front yard and backyard renovations for the best return on your investment. If your backyard is gleaming, but your front yard is shabby, your renovations will go to waste. How much you choose to spend on either side depends on the needs of your property. The best exterior is one with both a picturesque front and back yards; meet the unique needs of your home and increase its value by choosing your renovations wisely.







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