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Things To Check During Air Conditioner Maintenance In Jacksonville, FL!

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As the summer is nearing, average temperatures across Florida are increasing. The Heating, Air Conditioning, and Ventilation systems, and air conditioners are heavily used during the peak summers. It is the main reason for high rates of failure. People living in rented homes do not take air conditioner maintenance Jacksonville FL seriously thinking that their unit would function without any issue. When the unit requires AC repair or fails suddenly, they are the first to get disappointed.

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If you want to make sure that the air conditioners and HVAC units in your rented spaces are in the best shape, you need to read the following air conditioner maintenance checklist as it addresses some important things.

1. AC unit filters:

An important item included in the AC maintenance agenda is the replacement and inspection of filters. Dirty or clogged filters result in several AC issues as the unit has to function hard to grab air into the unit. It is one of the important tasks performed even when you call for AC repair Jacksonville, FL. It has to be performed every month or once in ninety days when functioning the air conditioner very often. One of the common signs that call for AC filter replacement is when the filters are covered with dust. When it is completely coated with dust, there are chances of the filter underneath getting clogged. When you replace the filters regularly, it is simple to limit the stress on the AC unit, thus, reduce the chances of break down.

As it is a regular monthly maintenance task, the tenants should be in charge of filter replacement all through their residence. They should leave the main filter changing tasks in the hands of a professional as it is challenging to replace. It is challenging when the air handling system is set up on the ground.


2. Cleaning the exterior compressor or condenser:

The majority of residential AC units consist of an exterior compressor or condenser that is set up in the backyard region of the building. It aids in cooling the refrigerant utilized in the air control system. It also aids in consuming air to suckle into the cooling system. If the debris enters into the housing or compressor, the A/C unit’s efficiency plummets and gets more prone to failure. A basic air conditioner repair job is to switch off the external compressor or condenser and to clean thoroughly. The cleaning procedure involves several steps and they are as follows:


Switching off the compressor:

It is dangerous to wipe the compressor when the active fan blade is spinning. If you are cleaning yourself, ensure to switch off the unit at the shut-off box. Also, look out for the circuit breaker button that connects the air compressor. Turn it off. Make sure that the unit does not function when you are cleaning.


Eliminating debris from the AC unit:

The second step in the Jacksonville, FL AC repair procedure is opening the top portion of the compressor by utilizing a wrench or screwdriver and remove the fasteners. Later, you can clear the debris using a vacuum cleaner or by hand. For both ways, you have to wear gloves as it safeguards your hands from sharp objects, insect bites, or poisonous plants that is lodged within the system.


Scrubbing and straightening the fins:

The AC unit consists of thin metal fins that have chances to get clogged with dirt. If you are cleaning them, you need to utilize a hose and spray the fins, forcing the dust and dirt out of them. You can later evaluate the fins for warps and bends and utilize a butter knife or flathead screwdriver to straighten out. It aids in reducing strain on the AC unit and improving the airflow.


Cleaning the parts surrounding the unit:

Ensure to check the unit’s surroundings and see whether the nearby grass is clipped low. If you find any potential obstacles it has to be completely removed. Remember, the unit should have a minimum space of two feet, free from lawn furniture, grass, rocks, or branches.


Reassembling the air conditioner:

After you complete the cleaning procedure, place the compressor cover back to its original position and tighten it using the tools. Switch on the compressor and circuit breaker switches on.

Do you need professional AC maintenance Jacksonville, FL? Feel free to call the Weather Engineers team.



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